Motivational Monday

I like this idea.  I think it is easy to forget – until it blindsides us – that life is fragile. People could not be there tomorrow, so we have to seize today to tell them and show them how we feel.

Great words to live by.  As are – don’t use those in your life that give. Don’t abuse the heart of someone who loves you.  Don’t break trust even with the naive.  And don’t let your voice be louder than others – let it always be part of the dialog.

Amen!  It’s amazing how other things in your life look when something bad is happening.  Too bad it takes that to happen before we notice them, sometimes.

We give those we love the keys to drive us crazy.  And hurt us.  If you have such keys, don’t use them to hurt the person who gave it to you.  You have been trusted with a gift.  Sometimes hurt cannot be avoided, but be mindful of what you are doing.  Try hard not to damage anyone.

And finally, remember:

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  1. I love the 1st one. I will try to remember to live by that.

  2. Joker_SATX says:

    I wish I could do the first one…And I am more in tune with the second one…

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