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First off, welcome back to Veronica over at ASM.  She had walked away from blogging, but came back. We knew she couldn’t stay away.  May you find the balance of topic you are hoping for.

Today I start my job.  Should be interesting.  Their first question to me was about passive agressive people.  I am happy that I’ll be working downtown again.  The train and I will be partners again.  I will be jumping into a project that is 18 months underway with a go live slated for the next 3-4 months.  (They are already moving the go-live from December 1st to the new date.)  The next few days will be me getting up to speed on the project.  Let’s hope there is documentation.  Hahahahaaha….I amuse myself.

After work, I’m going to stop by the weekly kink gathering at a local bar that is blocks from my work.  I figure I get to celebrate my new job with a beer and some kinky conversation with friends.  Seems fair to me.

I have a partially written post about Geek Girl Con – the con we took the girls to with our friends a couple weeks ago.  It was a great con that has generated a lot of great conversation at the house.  Maybe one day I will finish it as I think it’s relevant.

I am probably the only parent on the face of the earth that celebrated when I got my daughter’s mid-term grades.  And not for the reasons people may think.  They broke down her grades into the areas being evaluated and included the grade for those areas – subgrades, if you will. She had several Fs.  Why am I celebrating? I am a believer that she needs to learn to fail. And she needs to subsequently learn how to climb back out of the hole. She needs to understand the work required to recover.  And she is.  I like that. And I’d rather she learn now than when she gets into high school where it will be harder.  Plus, learning to fail is important.  No false propping in this household.

Indigo had major melt down mode last night. I haven’t seen her that overly emotional in a while.  DJ and I had to have a talk about it.  She had heard that girl scouts was starting up. Two moms are taking over where I left off after hearing what I went through.  Indigo thought that meant she was not going to be a brownie anymore.  I had to reassure her she was going to be.  We had to talk about why I wasn’t the leader anymore.  She went back into the kitchen, and I heard her telling DJ “Moe wouldn’t let that woman talk about our family like that.  I can’t believe it.”  DJ’s response was something like “you’ve met our Moe, right?”

Over the weekend, G admitted that DJ has two boys who are following her around like puppy dogs.  As he said, if they had more game, they would be asking her out or at least tormenting her with emails and such.  One of the boys has a boundaries issue.  G is actually sitting back waiting for DJ to deck him.  It is one of those moments where the teachers will scold her while patting her on the back.  The kid needs it – and only another kid is going to fix it.  The teachers have tried without long-term success.  Should be interesting to see what happens.

I love my friend from college who I found out earlier this year was also in the BDSM scene.  Our text messages some days are entertaining and probably would worry some people.  Thursday, I did a scene with one of the more well known sadists at the kink party.  He left some pretty marks – and we only stopped when the paddle he used caused the cane mark to bleed.  This place is a zero-blood play space.  It was barely any blood really – I’ve bled more from accidental kink injuries (clothes pins) – but the policy is what it is, so we stopped.  I was already bruised after the scene – my ass was radiating heat.  And sitting the next day was far from comfortable.  Sunday, I texted her “my bruises are itchy.”  Her response: “I love that only you would text that to me.”  The next day when her play-wounds were in the same state, she sent me the same text.  Our back and forth is pretty humorous over it.  “I think our softball coach, in hindsight, was a sadist” was the start of one such exchange as was “Our mutual friend wanted to know if I did anything crazy on my birthday, so should I tell her about the spankings at the sex club and use such phrases as ‘Emmy’s boy friend’ and ‘G’s girlfriend’ and the ‘6-ft transexuals’ to describe it?” She amuses me greatly.

And finally, I saw this photo:

It reminded me of the Christmas photos on my dad’s side of the family.  My dad would request that the families of his siblings would pose together – giving the camera the finger.  No matter what age the people in the photo – they were required to throw the bird.  Going through family photos can be entertaining as a result.  It explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    Well…best of luck on the new job! Congrats with that. And is it just me? Or did everyone have a cup of sassy this morning?

  2. Dana says:

    Thanks for letting me know ASM was back – I had actually taken her out of my reader!

  3. Thanks for the shout out. Its very good to be back.

    I also love your let them fail to recover theory. We roll the same way.

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