Motivational Monday

Do you do this?  Even without realizing you are? Well stop it! Love people, not things. And use things, not people.  Things are temporary – they will get worn out, lost or broken.  People if used can have the same results.  Love a person, and none of that happens.  Other things will happen – but not those things.
I worked for a guy who each year asked “what was your biggest fuck-up?”  He seriously wanted to know. Not because he wanted to make it affect your review but because he wanted to see you were pushing the boundaries – you were trying new things – you were willing to put yourself ourself out there.  If you didn’t have one big fuck-up, he didn’t feel you were learning or growing.  So, don’t fear the mistakes – fear the lack of trying – fear it if there are no lessons learned.  
Think about this one yourself. I do it.  If I don’t find something important, I will give people excuses. I will make excuses for me not to do it.  I will not find a way to make it happen.  But if I find it important, I will always find time in the day. I will make it happen. I won’t make any excuses as it is important to me.  The IT can be people and things and events and all.  
Doubts ruin relationships. Playing the what-if game. Wondering if something more is there than is or is not.  Doubting what you have.  Doubting what you should do.  That ruins things.  Not distance or many other things.  Don’t do this.  Just be. Let it go as it will.  Don’t doubt what you have with someone.
Happy monday! May Karma have not missed those today who need it.

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  1. “What was your biggest fuck up?” One of my favorite questions. I always use a *polite* version of it during job interviews, but not because I want to hear what they’re bad at. I want to hear about a significant failure, how they fixed it, and what they learned from it. The failure itself is a ‘McGuffin’ – only significant because it brings us to the crux of the matter – how they address problems and what they learn from them.

  2. Max says:

    I love all of these. And don’t worry, karma doesn’t miss anyone – just be patient. 🙂

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