I want…

….to feel the blade of your knife slide under my clothes and slice through them as you systematically cut away my outer layers as you find my skin.

…to feel your hand around my neck as you drag the blade across my body leaving little scratches, little trails that make me want to arch against it, but, at the same time, resist to avoid being scratched more.

…to feel your teeth follow that trail – the trail across my breasts, my nipples, down my belly, to my thighs.

….to feel your cock – in my hand, in my mouth, in my cunt.

….to feel your chest under my mouth and between my teeth.

… to feel your hands on my body as you grab and hold me down or strike me in the places that make me squirm and moan.

…..to laugh as you try to make me flinch.

….to swear as you hit that spot that makes me both moan and swear as I process the pain.

….to be under your control for the night – to give you what you need and to get what I need by giving.

What do you think?

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