He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back.  His teeth sunk into my neck – where shoulder and neck meet.  I couldn’t suppress the moan of pleasure that escaped my lips.

His lips left my neck, and he pushed me to my knees.  He didn’t need to tell me what he wanted. I instinctually grabbed his cock and shoved it into my mouth.  “Good grrl” were the words that told me I had done what he had wanted.

I was happy I got it right – to be his good grrl – making him moan the way he does when my tongue swirls around the head of his cock before I take it deeper into my mouth.  His hand remained in my hair – controlling the pace, but letting me, at the same time, do what I needed to do.

I let my saliva coat his cock – making it slippery as I slid his cock in and out of my mouth – sucking hard at the end – giving the additional pressure he enjoys.  My free hand cupped his balls and grasped the base of his cock as my mouth and tongue continued to work over his cock.

Eventually he pulled me by my hair to my feet, pushed me onto the bed, pinned me to it and fucked me  – then roughed me up.  His hand striking my ass – squeezing my nipples – pushing me to my limit. Then using his crop on me – striking my ass – my thighs – my back – my tits – my nipples.  Sending me into that endorphin high that allows me to take more that he has to offer. To be his “good grrl”.

But it was his cock I wanted – his cock in my mouth. Not in my hand. Not in my cunt.  I wanted his cock in my mouth again.  I wanted to hear his moans. I wanted to hear that sharp intake of air when I hit that spot on the head of his cock that he loves.

That aside, I wanted to taste him.  I could suck his cock all day if allowed.  And when we hit a point where we were winding down, I stroked his cock so it was semi-erect – then I slid down his body and took his cock into my mouth again.  Where I could focus on it. Where I could get him to make the sounds that turn me on more than he probably realizes.  Where I could take my time – savoring each stroke with my mouth.

And that was what I did.  I crawled down his body – took his cock into my mouth – and took my time. I enjoyed each stroke – each moan that left his lips – the taste – the feel – all of it.

It was the way I wanted our play to end.  My ass was hot and red from his abuse.  My nipples were erect and rubbing against him as I focused on his cock.  That simple act of fellatio – turned me on just like the rest.

It was where I could spend hours if allowed.
Showing him how much I enjoyed our time together.
Showing my thanks for the abuse I needed – and he delivered.
Showing how much I appreciate him and the chemistry we have.

All through worshipping his cock.

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  1. Wow i could feel every stroke, every lick or suck. Words work better than pictures sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing

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