Motivational Monday #22

I like this as I see it happen all of the time.  Live life.  Make money to support the things you love – and no more.  Don’t put your own well being behind the stuff that is fleeting.  Live.
Which person are you? Do you get shocked by honesty? Or by deceit?  When I read this, I realized that not being shocked by deceit means we are more accepting of it.  Don’t accept it – get pissed by it.  Reject it.  Embrace honesty.
(says the cynic. yes, I know the irony in me saying it, but I do believe it.)
I stole this from Aurore’s tumblr.  Stop comparing yourself to others. Know yourself.  As someone I respect used to remind me, know what you know – know what you don’t know – and know the difference.  Most powerful thing ever.
Challenge yourself if you find you are doing the same thing.  Why? Because goodness is beauty but beauty is not necessarily goodness.  People often confuse the way that works.  Don’t be one of them.

What do you think?

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