Motivational Monday #23

I think people worry sometimes about how the receiver will react – hearing that someone loves them – so they hold it back even thought it is what is in their heart.  Give it and give it freely. There is no need to worry about returning it – or getting it in return. If it is what you feel, it’s what you feel.  No need to keep it.  Plus, life is short. You never know when someone may not be here and your opportunity has been missed. Don’t live with that regret.

Prioritize based on what matters most.  Don’t let the little things that won’t matter overshadow those things that matter.  Those little things are the things in life that will always change.  Job, stuff, etc.  Keep those things – those people – that matter on top of those other things.

For some, deciding to be happy is a hard thing.  But it goes back to letting go of the stuff that doesn’t matter. Realizing you control certain aspects of your own happiness.  Hell, let’s face it, you are responsible for all of it.  No one else is.  So decide to be happy. Decide what doesn’t matter and leave it in that pile.  Don’t let it into your mind. Be happy. Get rid of what doesn’t make you happy.  It’s for your own good.

I have always liked this quote.  Keep up the good fight to be who you are. Don’t let people bring you down – or make you into someone else.  Like e.e. cummings says, “never stop fighting”.

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    Your first pic. I tell certain people this…I show certain people this. My issue is just the opposite. They have problems either believing or accepting.

  2. OsShirt says:

    The third one is the reason I’m alive, I believe!

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