Motivation Monday #21

I actually have this as my screensaver on my phone right now.  Worry is something that truly has been tainting my mind lately.  It’s one of the reasons my joy has been hard to find.  Don’t let it happen to you.

The people who knowingly and willingly toss hope out the window at a time the world or something is broken – they are the crazy ones. Not those of us who hold onto the hope that things will be fixed in the end.

You do see the whole quote, right?  If not, look carefully – it says “Everything has beauty. But not everyone can see it.”  Maybe its because looking through a camera at things allows me to get a different perspective where I can see beauty in things most people don’t.   But I suspect it is simply because I am open to the possibility that the first glance may not give me the right reaction.  I look more – I look deeper.  I try to do this with people too.


And on a more snarky note, remember:

You help no one by thinking this is your job.  Happiness and feeling good is their job.

Happy Monday!

What do you think?

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