Just Call Me Brook

….because I’m just going to babble….

bad pun, I know.

They have been calling all of my references.  Each one is pinging me after they have been contacted. The nicest one was from an old CIO I worked for who said, “They obvious love you, so I didn’t think you’d mind if I added my love of your work to it.”


And he was my iffy reference given we collided constantly. In the end, I think he realized I was the ying to his yang.  Wow, that sounded dirty, but I think you know what I mean.  I complimented his leadership style and brought a perspective he often missed when he looked at things.  He was an over-analyzer, and I was the one who pointed out he had already made his decision and was just fretting because it wasn’t clear how he got there.  So I’d draw him a matrix.

Given the number of times we butted heads on approach, I guess he decided he missed it.

Who knew.  Until now. Awesome.

I offended Indigo’s teacher last night.  I was taking her home to do homework when we ran into her. “Aren’t you staying for back-to-school night?” was her question.  “Nope” was mine.  “But the math curriculum changed” she protested.  “I know – you actually teach math now. Already heard” was my response.  I’m sorry, but this is Indigo’s second year with this teacher.  Outside of curriculum, her style didn’t change.  Sorry, but I have better things to do than spend 3-3.5hrs at the school.

And DJ’s teacher – well, he’s a pain in the ass. No way I am spending any time with that guy.

(for those of you who are new and haven’t picked up on it from other blog posts – G is her teacher this year)

Indigo and I are going to spend the weekend at the track with our friends.  I’ll be taking more moto pictures.  Given the last minute decision, I wasn’t able to rent a lens for the weekend.  I could have rented a lens that would have required me to carry a second bag just for the lens itself, but given I’ll be hiking around, I didn’t think that was a great idea.  Plus, if I damaged it, I just bought a lens.  No thanks.

While I’m sitting there in the parking lot of the pro camera shop getting ready to look up the number for the other place in the area that was likely also going to be lacking a lens to rent (they have fewer they rent out), I looked up the used lens list at the shop I was at.  And found something that would work for the weekend.  Perfect for outdoor sports shots. And perfect price too.  So I went inside – talked to the experts they have that work there – and bought it.

Then I came back home – and played with it.  Should work.

Later, I cleaned the light sensor in hopes of eliminate the spots on my shot that have been driving me nutty.  I think I got it.  We’ll find out when I get outside.

I’m giddy with excitement. A weekend with my two favorite people doing what they love as I do what I love.  Awesome.

G and DJ are staying here because they leave for Outdoor School on Sunday morning.  Doesn’t make sense to do the trip, sadly.

So, we come back to an empty house for several days.  Should be fun.

My last comment is about Project Runway. Where did they get these little bitchy kids from?? Geesh. Between Laura and Joshua, I just want to see them disqualified for being whiny immature kids.  Every fucking episode – oh wait, I swore – that means, per Joshua, that I am under educated and low class.  Joshua – fuck off.  And, as G likes to point out, he will likely be top 3.  I can only hope that karma bites him in his ass and gets him booted.  Which means – he will win.

And as you go into the weekend, remember:

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  1. boneman says:

    well, Brook, sounds like you’ve a “back up” job there?

    What do I know…
    I didn’t realize lenses were of any value, and here I sit on a half dozen, not knowing what to do with them because two were bought by the Old Man (died in 78) back when he thought he was a Photographer.
    Sadly, just another horny man worrying about his future and sex, and other far too involved things to go into here.
    But still…lenses.
    Go figure.
    Maybe i should gather them up and go camera shop hunting?

    Pawn shops?

    Maybe a Taco Bell?
    (not for the lenses…I just like the bean buritto and the cinnamon twists)


  2. John and Ann says:

    Or as I like to say, “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.”

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