HNT – Surrender

The act of surrender with ropes and to a person is very freeing for me.  Giving myself over to another person is like handing someone the reins for a while.  Putting my fate, if you will, in their hands.  Being bound in a way that means I am not in control of what will happen – they are.  The release of stress. The release of worry. The release of thought.  All bring forth a level of calm that cannot be described unless experienced.  And when I’m released from the ropes, it is as though I have been released of my real-life stresses.  

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  1. Osbasso says:

    I find that a couple of shots of whiskey will do the same thing, but probably not as much fun! 🙂

  2. Mr. Smith says:

    That pic is so friggin’ hot. I love the surrender and openness.

  3. 13messages says:

    So sexy and peaceful. I love how you de-stress.

  4. 24 says:

    Oh so very yummy Emmy!!! HHNT

  5. Amazing shot!!
    I love this.

  6. Elle says:

    That is amazingly beautiful. Both the picture and the words.

  7. I have found my header photo for elust 30, that’s for sure!

    I’ve never really been tied up like that so I can’t image exactly what you’re describing, but it kinda makes me wanna be tied up now!

  8. John and Ann says:

    Definitely a good thing that no one stumbled across this photoshoot!

  9. I so know what you mean abut giving yourself to another person… in their control. I love it as well.

    xxx Sophia

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