Not feeling one post, so you get my ramblings……I know, you love that, don’t you? ūüôā

First off, it’s been fun seeing how many people are still reading and commenting on the post I did about open marriage. ¬†I’m glad people are getting it. ¬†Open marriage is not for everyone, but I also hate it when people blame it for things too.

Speaking of blogging, another blogger has bit the dust – Chapter Two is closing up shop. ¬†Makes me sad too – I enjoy her perspective and all. ¬†But it sounds like the right thing for her. ¬†I guess I need to go through my blog roll. ¬†So many people have made the decision to stop blogging lately that I’m feeling like my list is getting shorter. ¬†Makes me sad seeing some people go away.

Since writing this post, I have been having some great days. ¬†I’m so glad I cleared the fog out of my head because life is great. Always has been, but amazing how bright it looks when you stop being so fucking negative. ¬†Awesome.

The trip to see my parents was great. ¬†Turns out my dad let it slip that we were coming into town. ¬†My brother tried to invite himself and his family along and my dad’s response was “nope, you can stay there.” ¬†Threw my brother off. ¬†As my dad said as we were getting ready to leave, “don’t ever let those dumb asses make you think you are not welcome here. ¬†They have no say about it, and I care about us more than I care about them.” ¬†Greatest thing to here ever. ¬†My dad was quite upset about the whole thing. ¬†He loves us – he loves our family – to think that they may have chased me away was not something that he liked. ¬†It was a good trip.

Plus, you should have heard me a few times as we were out. Walking through the trees to the lake, then finding gorgeous light on a beautiful mountain lake.  I was in heaven.  And we have found a few places we want to camp next year.  Good stuff.

Two funny things happened while we were out –

The first was it was windy and I was wearing a sundress as it kept fabric from rubbing my healing tattoo. ¬†I slipped on some panties under the dress before we went out. The thought of having my skirt lifted by the wind around my parents (sans panties) was a bit of a fear. ¬†As the wind almost grabbed it as we were out, I commented to G that I was thankful I put on the panties. ¬†“Yeah, because that tiny thong you put on is really covering you up” was his comment.


Later, we were at the campground near the last lake we went to.  G was standing next to the car waiting for the girls to be done in the bathroom.  The people behind him were ogling him in his kilt. My mom handed me a box of kleenex to put back in its spot behind her seat.  We were all chuckling at the ogling going on by the women.  So I tossed it outside the card next to G and asked him to hand it back to me.  I knew he would have to bend over to get it.  My mom, dad and I were all laughing our asses off.  So, G turned facing them, picked up the kleenex box as he mooned us.    The women were sad Рand we laughed our asses off.

I should explain that this was after my parents said they were going to wander off only to have G comment he was happy they loved each other still but didn’t need to hear about their kinky wilderness expeditions. ¬†They giggled as they rushed off. ¬† We’ll add that to the list of things I did not need to know.

My tattoo is definitely healing. ¬†I am not itching it mainly because I can’t reach where it itches. ¬†Feels fine though. My parents both said “we don’t like tattoos” then quickly said “but yours is so neat.” ¬†Funny how that works. ¬†And they are not alone in their comments.

Today, DJ starts middle school.  And something we never thought would happen will happen РG will be one of her teachers.  G claims she is the one who will have problems.  I assert it will be him.  We shall see.  She is pumped to start middle school.  I am for her.  She is going to be in a class of great kids.  All of the drama girls have switched schools.  The remaining girls are all excited to be together Рgood friends Рno drama Рtheir own person versus followers of the norm.  This is why a small middle school program can be good. Middle school for me was hell. I hope she does not have the same experience.

I got some good feedback from the recruiters about my interview. Woman who interviewed me wants me hired ASAP.  Will only be able to get the rest of the interviews done in two weeks due to vacation schedules. Not ideal, but works.  A few weeks off sans family at home will be nice.  Good stuff.

I have plenty to keep me busy too. ¬†Art stuff for the local swinger club, time with a few friends, gonna try to start running again, and pull the house together. ¬†I have a list of stuff to do, so I won’t be bored.

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    I like it when you ramble!

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