Motivational Monday #17

Got back to civilization (or at least cell phone coverage) last evening after being out of touch for the whole weekend.  But it’s all fine with me.  I got to experience track day – a day with motorcyclists can run their track bikes on a close track.  This is something my boyfriend Domenico has been telling me about for over a year. He and his wife Lili both do track days, and have told stories about their experiences.  I will write more about my time there with Domenico this week.  It was a good time.
But here is my motivational Monday advice: If there is something that someone you care about has a passion for doing, take the opportunity to do it with them – or at least tag along and enjoy the experience.  There is something about not just tagging along, but seeing them enjoy what they do. The grins. The excited looks. The traditions. The details.  Even if it isn’t something you could see yourself doing, seeing them immersed in their world is pretty amazing. 
Thank you Domenico for letting me spend the weekend with you at the track.  Seeing your passion about riding was fun to watch. Thank you for sharing it with me.
Now onto some other motivation…..

I also loved this quote.  Because this is always true. You are never as smart as you think – as brave as you believe – or as strong as you are.  It is never as it seem – but usually better.

A good reminder somedays.

Sometimes being a free thinker or being an over achiever or having passion about something that others do not is a lonely path.  Be careful about making the choices – or at least be careful of the path you choose when you are presented with it.   May not always be there choice at that time to be alone. 
A-fucking-men.  Why aim low? Aim high – want everything to be awesome!

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    I always love your motivational Mondays. I don’t really know how you do it but you seem to find the perfect quotes that relate to exactly what I need to hear…

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