Motivational Monday #19

I recall a comment someone once said to me after I questioned why the treated someone so differently than others.  The response was “kid gloves – they need kid gloves because they aren’t as strong as others”.  I hate that idea that some people get coddled because they come across as unable to handle things the way others can. The reality is – we are all fragile.  Physically we are fragile. Mentally we all have our own issues that make us vulnerable in ways we don’t want to talk about. Everyone should be treated like we are fragile.

YES! YES! YES!  Don’t do it. You are the one who loses the ground – not the person you are throwing dirt at. Hell, in the end, they are gaining more than you are losing.  When we toss dirt at others, right or wrong – we end up losing creditability.  We become the person we are chastising.  We end up on the low road instead of the high – and all because we dug ourselves down to that level.  Don’t do it!

There is something about the act of making something that stirs up creative juices.  It reinvigorates the mind. It forces us to look at this differently through the process of creating something that is inside of us.  No matter what the medium – paint, pencil, camera, food, cloth, dirt – make something. Learn about yourself in the process. 

I truly believe that it is only when you are faced with the dark days that is when you finally see people’s true inner beauty or inner ugly.  Will they shine? Or will they go dark with everything else?      It reminds me of the quote that Willie Wonka makes in the original movie – “So shines a good deed in a weary world”  (originally a Shakespeare quote).  Will you be the light in the dark room for someone?

I have watched people self destruct because their ego outshone their talent. Talent and aptitude will only get you so far. And if your ego gets in the way, it won’t get nearly as far as you would hope.  Remember that those who are the most talented never stand up and say how talented they are.  I am reminded of my best friend from college who used to tell me tales of soccer games.  When I finally went out to see her team play, I realized she was a starter. I had no idea. The way she talked about the team, you would think she was sitting on the sidelines watching.  Nope.  She was in there in awe of those she was playing shoulder to shoulder with. In the end, she was one of the best players on that field because she never let herself develop an ego over how great she was.

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  1. DCHY says:

    I really LOVE the “light from within” quote.

  2. Vixen says:

    *sigh* That first quote…..yes.

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