Missed Shooting Stars

We setup our campsite for the night – a place in the asphalt paddock where people were staging the motorcycles for the next day.  Dinner was cooking on the grill. A simple meal of brats and salad from a bag gave us the food we needed with minimal effort.   We sat around after, sipping beer, watching stars, and laughing at the city kid responses my girls were making to the stars as darkness fell over us.  After forcing the kids to do several laps around the paddock on the bikes, we sent them to bed.

The wind had calmed down, and the high desert was cooling quickly.  We went from warm to too cool quicker than either of us expected.  He went inside to grab a blanket, came back, grabbed his chair, and told me to follow him to a darker place for some more star gazing.

We put the camp chairs as close as we could, so we could share the blanket.  We leaned into each other, his arm around me, and gazed up at the stars. We shared lies  – talking about star gazing at sea – and last year’s meteor shower.  We watched the stars but also those around us setting up camp, winding down, getting ready for their day on the track.

And as we talked, our hands roamed freely under the blanket. Caressing a leg. Stroking an arm. Finding a nipple.   Occasionally we would pause and kiss – softly at first, but each time the passion built as we enjoyed the dark and unwound from the day.

“I’ll be right back,” he said as he left me to go take care of something.  I followed his silhouette until it was out of view. And noticed he had extinguished the lantern. And I could hear he was saying goodnight to our neighbors before returning.

He walked back to where our chairs were sitting, but instead of sitting down in his own, he walked to the side of my chair. I saw him fumbling with his zipper, then pull out his cock for me.  

“Here, ” was all he said – and I took his semi-erect cock in hand and into my mouth.

I licked the head of his cock, sliding my tongue around the ridge on the underside – then took it deep into my mouth.  Using my tongue, I ran it back and forth along the shaft as I slowing withdrew it back to the head.  And repeated the process again.  And with each stroke of my mouth, with each firm caress with my tongue, his erection grew – his breath quickened – and an almost silent moan escaped his lips.

I continued the blow job, adding my hands into the mix. Cupping his balls. Using my hand to give his cock and extra stroke as I focused on the head of his cock – just like I know he enjoys.  And with each stroke, I spread my saliva around making it all extra slick – extra sensitive.

I felt his cock thicken. I knew he was close. Doing this outdoors – under the stars – where we could caught – made it easy for both of us.  His hand found my hair, grabbing a handful in an effort to control the pace – another sign he was about ready to cum.

My own arousal grew with each stroke, each indication I got that he was close.  For me, I can almost get off by taking a man into my mouth and bringing him to orgasm.

“Use your hand more,” he whispered breathlessly – and I did just that as I picked up the pace.

The flashlight hit my face.

The neighbors on the other side – the ones who had settled in for the night sooner than we had – were looking for something in one of their cars.  And instead, found him standing close to my chair – and me, clearly giving him a blow job.

I’ve got exhibitionist tendencies, I thought, if they want to watch great.  I don’t care. I’m continuing on.

But I did pause for a second while I regained my sight after being blinded for a second by that light. The light went away, and I resumed.  Knowing my pause had also stalled his build-up, I resumed what I had been doing – mouth, tongue and hand sliding on his cock.  I could feel him getting close again which made me silently happy I had not lost too much ground – I had not distracted him too much.

I heard someone near by us again – the clang of boot hitting the metal garbage can and fence. I pulled away from his cock, peering around him,  to find the person who caught up very close to where we were – cigarette in hand, totally enjoying the show. I couldn’t help but giggle a bit.


“We have an audience,” I whispered.

He had not noticed.  The moment after our voyeur made the noise, the moment was lost.  I continued to stroke his cock as I suggested maybe we go inside.  He agreed as he tucked his cock back inside.

“Ooo, look,” I said, “a shooting star!” I noticed before I stood up.

He chuckled, “I missed it again!”

Then we headed inside to resume activities without the audience.

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  1. Topaz says:

    Audiences can be fun, but when they get too intrusive, like your noisy neighbour, their privileges wear out quickly (imo). But oh what fun that must have been!

  2. Majid Ali says:

    Please for Christ sake help this poor guy from Haiti
    Visit my profile to know how.

  3. BluEyedBader says:

    What a great story. Too bad he couldn’t finish under the stars.

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