The Right Words


I am glad to hear the right words have found you at the right time!

I liked that phrase when the Wayward Celt said them to me on Twitter last week.  I had been dealing with a bunch of crap – crap that was starting to weigh on me – crap that was starting to make me wonder why me.  And in response to a post, I think, he said something I needed to hear.

While the other stuff and my thoughts were starting to weigh me down, he seemingly random observation reminded me who I am.  Not someone who life happens to – but a do-er.  Someone who is going to rock it – even if it isn’t easy.  At that moment, it was what I needed to hear. I needed to hear it without even realizing it until I heard it.

The right words found me at the right time.

During that same time frame, a friend said to me something I also needed to hear without realizing it.  We were at the local monthly kink party. We had just stopped playing with rope when she looked at me and said “you are not second to me.”  A seemingly random remark that cut through the loud activity around us and spoke straight to my heart.  We hugged. I thanked her.

The right words found me at the right time.

Just a few days ago, G and I were talking about a situation that has been on my mind lately.  I had been venting a bit at the frustration I was feeling about the short sightedness of the situation.  I worried about the consequences of it even though it really wasn’t my problem long-term.  I worried I was losing credibility due to my openly expressed concerns. 

He stopped and said, “you know that house I wanted to buy. The house I was trying hard to convince you we needed to buy?”  I gave him a look of confusion as it had nothing to do with what I had been talking about, so he continued.  “I never have told you how happy I am that you talked me out of it.  Whenever I think I’m looking at the big picture, you make me realize it is far from the big picture. It is a narrow window.  But when you look at things, you always look at the big picture even if it pains you to say it because someone doesn’t want to hear it – or it has a negative ramification to you personally.  You know how to step outside of yourself and think long-term.  Thank you for that. I don’t think you get enough credit for that which is why you get concerned in situations where long-term, big-picture needs to be considered.  You should never feel bad about it because you do it.”

He rendered me speechless.

The right words found me at the right time.

Words are powerful.  The right words are tricky.  But sometimes, if you speak from your heart, you will say exactly what the listener needs to hear.  And the listener will hear exactly what they need without realizing it.  The right words will find them at the right time.

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  1. Lili says:

    Seeing the big picture and standing your ground because of it isn’t often valued by many. It takes a very strong person to be able to stand her ground while others want to rat hole on details or more immediate items. Good on you for being able to do so! I wish I could mote often.

  2. Joker_SATX says:

    This is what I call the “3rd Eye” concept. Where you can stop. Look outside of yourself at your surroundings at everything around you to see the big picture.

    You take past events, and are able to connect them to possible futures to make educated decisions.

    When someone compliments you on this ability, take it. It is a rare gift indeed.

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