Snarky Wednesday


I don’t have the energy to finish writing the things I’ve started today.  Not enough coffee yet, I guess.  Instead, I thought I would spread the snark today.  Or as I rephrased for a tween yesterday (who didn’t appreciate that her comments were called snarky) tactless truths.

We joke in our house that, to quote Barbie, “Math is hard.” To know me is to know I almost had a minor in Math, which makes it even funnier when I say it.  I’m waiting for one of the girls to announce this to G.  I mean, they are my girls.  And snark is already in their blood as they show daily.

Actually what was funny yesterday was listening to DJ tell her friend the story about my FIL lecturing her about the word “yes”.  ” ‘Do you know how to use the word ‘yes’?!” he said all annoyed. So I looked at him and said ‘yeah, I do.’  He didn’t like that.” as she laughed at what she had done.  I shouldn’t be so amused that my FIL is fucked if he thinks this shit will fly with my girls.  Bwahahaha!


After my monthly attempt to get all dirty clothes in the house washed – and still failing – I decided maybe our nudist – Indigo – is onto something.  Maybe not, because, ironically, she had the most clothes to wash….hmm…..

I know someone who needs to be reminded of this next time he bites my neck while hugging me goodbye. Granted, in the street in front of the neighbors on a Saturday afternoon was probably not the time or place for him to take his clothes off, but still. 😉

The previous owners of our house had two chows, and several beware of dog signs posted given they had two chows.  We left them up, but I think I need to replace it with this sign.  Maybe including something like “And don’t get me started about the chickens” at the end. 

Speaking of livestock, I met a neighbor last weekend who had – get this – goats.  She was walking them out in the neighborhood.  This could be dangerous given G wants goats.  Maybe he can just go visit them.

I think this would make a perfect business card. Hand it to someone who is just being a total jerk, and walk away. 

And finally….

Happy Wednesday Day!

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    ROTFLMAO! Good Post! And I love the use of your pics…

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