Saturday in the ER


When G was going to be out of town, my inlaws leaped at the opportunity to get their grandkids for the entire time.  They were excited and happy and rejecting all answers but yes.  Cool, I thought, I get about 5-6 days solo. A vacation for me too.
24 hrs after they left with the kids, I got the call.  “Indigo has a very high fever.  You need to call the doctor.”

I asked what it was. 101 was the response.  I asked about other symptoms.  She was cold (of course, she has a fever) and sleepy (yeah, her body is fighting the illness).  She complains her tummy hurts.  That one could be iffy.  If you ask her at any time if something hurts, she will say yes.  It’s her way.  Complete with sad face.

I explained that it sounded like a virus.  Especially after hearing that my FIL had just gotten over a 24hr stomach bug.  Sounded like she had caught it to me.  Give her some advil (told them how much) and have her rest.

I got a call 30 minutes later. She had vomited – and her temp was now 104.  May I ask who take the temperature of a person after they have vomited?  I know with me, the body reboot, if you will, bumps up my temp for an hour or so. Then it goes back to where it has been.  I also know that 104 in a kid may sound high, but really is not.

But they were not taking my answers. It was being demanded that I call the doctor. Fine, I said, I will call the advice nurse and see what she has to say. It was 10:30pm when they called. Could be midnight before I hear back.

The nurse confirmed for me what I had suspected.  Virus. Temp was not high for a kid. Give more meds and fluids.  If the fever lasts more than several days, then call back for some more tests.

This was all relayed. Told them to call with a report in the morning.

“We’ve got it handled here.  No worries about us.”

Yeah, no worries.

The next morning at exactly 8am, they called.  Temp was still high – 101-102.  She had not vomited anymore.  She was asking for milk.  (NO was my response – no milk!  My daughter craves it and it just keeps the vomit cycle going over and over again.  Been there; done that – just say no.)  I talked to her. She sounded better – not 100% but definitely headed the right way.  Told her to give her more drugs.  Let her sleep, etc.  Told them I would come get her after work if that would help things.  No, they said, it’s all good. We have it covered.

They called at lunch to report she had eaten finally and was taking a nap.  Her temp was still “super high” – 101.  Concern was raised that if I don’t call the doctor soon, this could get worse.  I explained that the doctor sees patients on Saturday for exactly this reason, so I wasn’t worried.  Plus, she was getting incrementally better.  Her body was fighting it.  I wasn’t too worried.  Indigo is known for this when she gets a bug.

Later that night, they called in a panic – sort of.  Wanted me to do something, but maybe Monday.  By this point, I offered to come get her.  They were worried. They were going a bit stir crazy. I would come get her and take care of her.  No, no, they said.  They were fine.

Who else wants to call them a liar?

They called G on his trip to report another issue.  She was going to the bathroom frequently.  Maybe there was a different problem we should look at when he returns.

This is when I put the two things together not one of them had – she may have a kidney infection.

I’ve had three in my life – and each time the infection presented symptoms one would not think of as a kidney infection.  In fact, many times they present exactly like with her – fevers, cold, weird stomach.  I called them back – after talking to G – and told them I’d be calling the doc in the morning.

And they tried to argue with me.  They have been calling every 4hrs over the past two day – and they are arguing with me.  Whatever.

I get up early Saturday so I can call immediately when they open. I know the drill. I’ll have to hold for 10 minutes before I can leave a message. Then I will leave one, wait an hour, and get a call back.  The appointment will be made 60-90 min past that.

Glad I got up early because they called at 7:30 with the report of a “high temp” of 101.  Sounded like they had stopped the Tylenol the day before because they read the directions and found there was a dosage limit per day.  Whatever. I was taking her into the doctor, I may or may not return her when I’m done.

By 10:15 am, we were in the office.  The nurse put the same things together that I had, agreed with my assessment, and ordered a urine test.  Results: she might have one.

The doctor did the usual poking and prodding at the tummy – checking kidneys, etc.  Indigo reported it was tender on the right side.  Oh, crap, I thought.  I knew where this was going – appendicitis.

Sure enough, the doc had the same concern.  Layer on top of it the fact that this doc happens to do medical review of malpractice cases.  Guess what she just reviewed? A case of a girl – about Indigo’s age – who had similar symptoms, similar test results, and treated for a kidney infection.  She had appendicitis. Three surgeries later, the infection was under control – and the parents were pissed.

She called the pediatric ER at the local hospital to see if they could get her in for assessment.  And off we went to the ER.  I sent my MIL home.  I knew it would be a while, and sitting there dealing with her was not where I wanted to be.  She fled without me even finishing the sentence.

They got us in, checked her out, then sent for an ultrasound.

What we later found out was that the technician was on call. She was on her way in.  And by the way, there were three total she needed to do – and Indigo was #2.   While waiting, her fever was coming back – she was shivering and cold. I had to go out and ask for meds.  They gave them to her after some discussion.  Then I went out to get her something to drink – she was dying of thirst given it had been 4 hours since she had anything.  The water was denied.  In case of surgery, they wanted to keep her stomach empty.

An hour later, the ultrasound was done.  Indigo fell asleep during it.  When it happened, I shook my head – no appendicitis there if she could get poked and prodded in the area for 30 minutes and fall asleep.

She slept – and I waited some more.  The ER doc agreed with me – no way this kid has it if she fell asleep.  But, procedure dictates we wait.

As he and I were talking, I noticed Indigo was sweaty. I reached over to feel her forehead to find it was cool.  Fever had broken finally.  That was progress.

By 3pm, they kicked us out with a follow up with your pediatrician Monday if it persists.  Rest, relax, treat the comfort more than the fever – the usual prescription.  The same one they gave me the day before and the day before.  The one that the in-laws didn’t believe.  We left starving since neither of us had eaten since about 8am. 

I called them and told them she was staying with me.  My FIL immediately started arguing why they were right to be cautious and concerned.  Funny he went there because I hadn’t.  I was just calling them because I figured they were worried about their granddaughter who could have appendicitis.  Yes, that was my response.  They had their chance to believe me – they chose not to, then put me in a position which meant I had to take action I would likely not have taken.  The events triggered weren’t bad ones given the experience of those medical people involved. Just sad that, in the end, Mom was right the first 12 times I said it. 

They wanted me to call them later last night, but I had decided if they were concerned, they can call. Petty? Nope. While they waited for me to report, I heard from many people in my life.  Texts were flying.  Offers to bring food were made.  Online friends were offering support too.  Nothing from them.  Even after all the backseat parenting and panic, I have spent the last two days getting from them.

Indigo ended Saturday night with her fever back.  More drugs were given, I wrapped her up in her favorite fuzzy blankets, we curled up together on the couch, and we watched movies.  She fell asleep and is having funny dreams.  She’s twitching like a puppy. 

I do hope she kicks this bug.  Our first warm, sunny day in a while – and she’s sick.  What an awful feeling.  Always hated getting a bug in the summer for that reason.  Fingers crossed.

And thank you for your well wishes yesterday on Twitter. It was nice having company as I was sitting there waiting and waiting and waiting. 

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  1. DCHY says:

    My mother doesn’t argue with us. My wife’s and MIL’s medical background help deter the arguments. 😉

    I know how it is when people TRY to argue with you and then get defensive when they realize they were wrong all along. They just didn’t want anyone to think that maybe they were bad parents who managed to become grandparents. Maybe not it at all.

    I’m sure they meant well and didn’t want to overreact or look bad. You never know…

  2. Joker_SATX says:

    I am sorry she is going through this. Virus’ suck! Especially with the little ones.

    I am glad that you are keeping a relatively cool head about you. In a similar circumstance, I would have shot my parents….Justsayin…

  3. Ashly Star says:

    Aw, poor Indigo. I hate getting sick. I have an immune system problem so if I get sick, I have a really hard time fighting it.

    I hope she feels better soon. And sorry you had to go through all that trouble with your in-laws.

  4. Hope she’s feeling better soon.

  5. OsShirt says:

    Moms always know best!

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