Looking for Good


Years ago, there was this popular self-help-ish sort of book that was based on a simple idea.  The idea was that we are really good at seeing all of the negative shit in our live that we forget to look for the positive stuff.  So, we end the day feeling like nothing good happened, but the honest truth is that we simply have allowed the bad to be more of a presence and overshadow the good stuff. 

I never read the book, but this idea when I heard about it was interesting.  Me being a skeptic about stuff, I decided to disprove this fact.  And proved the author right quite easily.  (Forgive me, I don’t recall the book or the author.)  The author’s suggestion was that we take time during the day to recall 3-5 good things that happened in our day so that we get used to giving the good in our lives some time in the sun instead of focusing only on the negative. 

As I end this week, I am going to end it on a positive note with my list of good things:

  • The unexpected phone call from my brother that ended with him sincerely telling me that I need to remember that I have family close by.  Family who when shitty things happen will be there for me.  No one from my family has ever said that to me before.  Usually I am the one saying it to them.  Took me by surprise.
  • Sunshine! The sun came back to the PNW and reminded us that it is, indeed, July (almost August).
  • Freshly mowed lawn. Love the smell, love looking at the yard and seeing it look nice. And it always means that you can freely walk thru the yard without the risk of doggie landmines.
  • Sitting under the arbor on a summer day and working.  Best home office ever!
  • Reading that a bedridden Twitter friend who is sharing her daily trials of remaining pregnant is still pregnant and has hit 25 weeks.  Given her struggles to get pregnant, I’m happy she is still pregnant.
  • Indigo feeling a million times better.  Seeing her normal again is a nice feeling.
  • Walking along through a crowd and feeling the hand of someone I care about take mine.
  • Seeing our friends’ chickens use the BBQ as their stepping stone of sorts to reach their roosting point which is on the porch railing next to said BBQ grill.  Makes me giggle.
  • Seeing people I care about working things out even though that road is never easy, but seeing them take it anyway. 
  • Gloaming after a sunny clear day.  It’s a gorgeous time to be outside especially where we live. Here gloaming hangs around a bit longer than anywhere else I’ve ever been.
  • Finding Otter Pops in the chest freezer in the basement.
  • Having our yellow lab drop a sock in my lap, then sitting there begging because he wants to play fetch.  Then playing fetch with him for half an hour.  This is a big deal as our 10 year old lab rarely wants to play fetch anymore because of his arthritis.  
  • Seeing my husband’s rope practice buddy break her silence about her rape and write about it so beautifully.  The strength it took to write about it in our little community where people are going to know her rapist is pretty amazing.  I’m very happy she found the strength to do it.
  • Getting a picture of a bear suspended in rope from a hard point.  Made me chuckle.
  • Two tween geeky girls getting excited about an upcoming convention, and planning their outfits including figuring out the mechanics of weaponry.  Awesome!
  • Impromptu bubble fights while two tween girls are doing dishes. That was hilarious.
  • But not as hilarious as seeing two tween girls singing geeky songs while doing dishes.  
  • Impromptu visits from friends – and seeing their 1-year old go crazy over our yellow lab and a toy we found for her.  And seeing our yellow lab guarding her like he used to with Indigo and DJ.  
  • My wisteria blooming again.
  • Fresh produce from my garden – peas, lettuce, raspberries and the last strawberry.
  • Finding out that my submission made top 3 story in the elust edition.  
  • Having someone at my current place of employment wonder aloud why they are letting me leave because I’m needed.
  • Having my gnomes take over the backyard with the kids hiding them to freak people out.
  • Friends over talking, eating, drinking and laughing until it is later than we thought.

What are the good things that have happened in your week?

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  1. Osbasso says:

    Who the hell calls it ‘gloaming’???

    Biggest good thing of the week–redeemed that $400 ticket voucher from Delta! Road trip in the near future (rather, a plane trip…)!

  2. Emmy says:

    Os – Someone who has read too many books based in Ireland calls it gloaming. 🙂

    Woo hoo on the trip!! 🙂

  3. There’s this thing that some bloggers do too – it’s called Three Beautiful Things or 3BT. The 3BT’ers write down 3 things that made them happy that day, or 3 wonderful things that happened that day.

    I used to do that. I should do that again.

  4. Hubman says:

    I spent 5 days in a row working in the office, NOT on the road, that was very good.
    I rode my bike 6 days in a row, woohoo
    I’m down 2 lbs on the scale
    I think all of these are related!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Joker_SATX says:

    This is a really good list…I like it a lot. You got me thinking now about the good stuff that has happened during the course of my week.

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