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Two 11 year old girls were sitting around one day when one looked at the other and said, “we need to make fezzes for the chickens!”

The other one laughed and said, “I know how to make a fez.”

Then they went running into the house.

The adults who sat on the porch watching them, looked at each other, and agreed that this could be an interesting thing.  And wondered who would get pecked first.

Chicken Fez 1.0 was not quite a success as they were hoping it would sit on the chicken’s head without help.  Last night, they upgraded it to 2.0 – and found success. Four chickens, four different models of fez.  We were all very surprised at how complacent they were.

No chicks were harmed with this experiment.  Now the two tweens are plotting what will be the next fashion accessory for their version of Project Chicken-way.  I can only hope the chickens still play along and don’t start protesting through ceasing egg production.

 I took the tweens out to a rose garden the other day so I could take pictures – and they could stop sitting in front of the TV playing video games.  They may be girls, but they are geek girls.

There is no question as to why they call Portland, the Rose City.  This is the time of the year when roses are exploding – and their scent fills the air.  Monday was no exception as we walked through the rose garden.  I will pepper photos from that walk as I write about random things.  Why? Because I can.

I will be starting “operation pervertible to camp” for my friend.  She works at a summer camp.  She wants mail.  I giggled when I posted publicly that I would be more than happy to send her things at camp to keep her entertained.

The beautiful thing about pervertibles is that they are objects that to the non-kinky are just regular things.  Nothing obviously kinky.  To a kinky person, they are entertaining.  First up, a large wooden spoon.  I’m just looking forward to hearing her explanations as to why her friend keep sending her weird things.

G has learned a very valuable lesson this week.  Do not change the dog food – or give bones to the dogs. Now before anyone rants at us for thinking bones are a good idea, there are certain bones prepared a certain way that are fine.  The issue is that we have two dogs with highly sensitive stomachs.  I know we can’t switch the food around, but G forgets that little fact.

Thankfully, the dogs didn’t require attention to the vet.  Sadly, the explosive diarrhea has been pretty ugly.  They are staying hydrated and energetic, so I know it is simply the food and such working through their system.  But, ick.

Needless to say, G will not be forgetting the sensitive tummy thing for a long LONG time.

Have I mentioned – ICK?

I have been wishing lately that Blogger had the ability to password protect posts just like WordPress does.  While I am pretty much an open book, there are sometimes when I want to write something that isn’t public to everyone.  It’s too personal.  Instead, I write it up and save it to my hard drive.  Too bad though – because some of what I’ve been writing lately is pretty good – if I do say so myself.  As people sometimes learn the hard way, there are certain things that shouldn’t be published.  Self editing is a good thing.

Portland had its first 80 degree day of the year.  The first – of 2011.  A cohort at my job decided to prove to us all (like we needed it) that this spring has been the worst spring in a long time.  He looked up the number of days above 55 degrees between Feb 1 and April 14th – this year compared to each year back to 1948.  2011 had 2-3 days above 55 degrees.  That is the lowest number with 3-4 day being the second lowest in 1955.  Normally, we are between 13-25 days.  We all thanked him for rubbing salt into that wound.

But, G always reminds me, I cannot complain about the weather until after July 4th.  I’ve got two more weeks.

I’m craving some rope these days. Seeing photos of others – hearing about the adventures others are having – just feeds my craving.

Mostly, I crave that loss of control. I’ve been emotionally all over the place these days. The idea of giving myself over to someone else – to get into a head space where I can just be – I can just float.

The other night, the urge was so great I almost asked G to give it to me. What stopped me was that I didn’t want to get frustrated with him if it didn’t meet my needs. We don’t play like that, I hate getting pissy when things don’t meet my expectations, and I decided not do do that to him (or me).   I’m trying not to be spoiled. I’m trying not to be pissy about it. I’m trying to be patient.   This is a growth opportunity, right?

Happy Hump Day!

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