Motivational Monday #8

I tend to drop my anger like a hot potato….a hot potato that burns you and requires you to yell, scream and curse beforehand.  But none the less, when the burning stops, I move on.
Nothing saddens me more than someone who believes it is too late for them to do something.  It’s too late for them to follow their dream. Too later for them to have the life they always wanted. Too late to change.  It is never too late. Never. 
Too often, I see people define or ruin themselves by the crap that happens.  Instead of learning from it and using it to make themselves better.  And, as the sign implies, it is all a choice of the person its happening to.  
Too often, we let what happened yesterday (or in the past) take up too much of the present.  I recall the first time G and I got into a huge argument.  In the middle of the fight, he started dragging up things that happened in the past. I was dumbfounded that he would even give it the time today. There were new issues to deal with – not that old crap that happened when we were in a different place, when we were different people.  I changed my tact immediately to defining our rules of engagement during fights – and rule #1 was don’t let the past be brought into the present.  We both have chosen to let it go.  Wish more people would let shit go too.

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  1. DCHY says:

    My ironclad rule when fighting: Stay on the subject. Whenever someone tries to bring in something else, I would say “What does that have to do with this?”

  2. Joker_SATX says:

    I liked the middle quote so much I reposted it on my Tumblr account.

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