HNT – Sun


Being in the sun, I felt it chase away the clouds that seemed to be inhabiting my heart and head.  The sunbeams bore into me and chased away those shadows of doubt – those negative thoughts that had been plaguing me for days – those fears that had me spending more time in the shadows than in the sun.

As I was outside in the yard pulling weeds, I had this overwhelming urge to lay naked in the sun – let it permeate my whole being to burn away that fog that remained.  I followed my urges, stripped off my clothes, and laid naked in the hammock soaking in the sun.

A smile found its way to my face for the first time in a week.  I had the urge to go play with friends. I had urge to be social.  I had urge to laugh and have fun.  A total change from where I was hours before.

It’s amazing what a little sun can do for one’s spirits.

Only downside?

I missed a spot when applying the sunscreen. Guess I could have used an extra set of hands.

Go see Os for a list of others playing this week.
Or OHNT for more fun.

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  1. 13messages says:

    You’re so great. Here’s to getting sun and happiness (and extra hands) whenever you need them.

  2. Osbasso says:

    I SO want to be your neighbor!

  3. Maggie says:

    That looks like fun! I miss spots even when I’m semi-covered in clothing, I can only imagine what I’d miss if I had to cover everything with sunscreen. 🙂

  4. Damn you, double damn you…first one for the ability to sunbathe naked and the second? For taking a picture of you from the WRONG END. 😉 Loved it! Happy HNT!

  5. Vixen says:

    TOTALLY!!! Little bit of sunshine can make SUCH a huge difference.

    Fun pic!

  6. Hubman says:

    I want to be your neighbor with a view into your yard 🙂

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