Friday!! Or "We Made to the Weekend!"


First off, I must bitch a bit about the weather in this part of the country.  One fucking 80 degree day – and it’s almost the end of June. The last few days, I have been cold too.  I try to ignore summer weather predictions, but mother nature gave summer a vacation last summer leaving it to spring and fall.  I cannot have another one of those summers. I think it would make me go crazy if I did.  Please, oh, please – send us some sun – some heat – a little at least. Please?

(and if you are local, you know that I am technically not allowed to start complaining until after the 4th of July – and I clearly don’t care.  See what cold drives people to do?)

I figured we could use some snark today, so I’ll be mingling some in as I write my post.  Enjoy.

I’m in the process of helping a friend identify and redirect a certain visitor from her blogger blog.  Long story short, her husband’s sub likes to start drama.  My friend was at first supportive of the relationship, but the drama has tested her tolerance to a point where she has had to create some personal boundaries for the situation.  Now said drama llama is stalking her blog and doing some creative editing when reporting back to my friend’s husband.  I told her I knew how to fix that problem.

IP address has been acquired.  The only problem? My trusty IP address blocker site – the only real option to us blogger bloggers – appears to be having issues. A visit to their support forums finds they have been consistently spammed by a few sites for the past several months. Trying to find an actual support topic has been nearly impossible.  I sent them email and am hoping it gets rectified.  If not, I may be helping her move to wordpress.  Or introduce her to the exciting world of tumblr.

The girls finish their first week of camp tomorrow.  DJ and her friend went to a comic writing camp at the local art school.  It was taught by a comic creator that G knows and another artist who is known locally too.  They have been enjoying the experience immensely.  They sit around and draw and ink and sketch – all shoulder to shoulder around this huge work table. Each day, they come home and talk about the music they listened to as they worked.  Both have fallen in love with Pandora.  And dip pens for inking.

Indigo has been liking her camp at the local community center.  G and I were talking about how great of a time she has had. I think being around a whole new group of kids has really helped.  There is no preexisting drama or groups of friends to deal with.  They run these throughout the summer, so we’ll have to sign her up for another week or two.  It’s quite the cheap date too all things considered.  Higher quality daycare for many families, I’m sure.

This image I liked for the sentiment, but also because it reminded me of someone. He will likely know who he is when he sees it.

I often joke with my kids that they are going to be crazy because it’s hereditary.  I like this one too.

Speaking of crazy family members, I’m starting to mute some of mine on Facebook. Holy hell!  We have my SIL’s sibling who can’t have a thought in her head without posting it to Facebook.  And we won’t even go on about the life choices she should be hiding but instead chooses to publicize.

Then we have one SIL who likes to celebrate her parenting skills via status.  While I have nothing against behavior charts – nothing at all – the real reason behind it shouldn’t be because you feel bad correcting their behavior all of the time.

I have a cousin who I recently muted after she went on a pretty good tirade about the evils of Planned Parenthood complete with links to her Catholic magazines which support her stance.  I have resisted asking when the first baby is due because my understanding from my mom’s Catholic family is that you can’t be a good Catholic unless you are giving birth to lots of children.  Yes, a stereotype but you should meet my mom’s family.  And I can’t forget this woman’s mom who gets into online fights with one of her other daughters (she has five) where she calls her a bad mom AND tells her kids the same.

After I got my hair cut yesterday (3 inches removed not that anyone but me can tell), I found my first pervertable to send to my friend at camp.  Fish shaped clips meant for ice, but look very pinchy for other things.  And their magnetic so you can keep them handy.

And I end my rambling post with a story about my loving daughter DJ.  While she and her friend were making lunch after class, I told her about getting my hair cut. Because my hair is so long, I have to stand while she cuts it.  My daughter’s response: “After you stood up, did she tell you to sit down because you’re so short that you’d be taller in the chair?”  She is about an inch away from being my height – her friend is an inch taller than me (at least).  And the snarky short jokes have begun in earnest.  I did commend her however, because that was pretty quick witted and perfect.  Thankfully, she can take the same ribbing.

Finally, I got my coiled up, way too tight, spring sprung last night (or, I guess, this morning).  I cannot adequately explain what pain, rough housing, loss of control, rope, crops and wooden spoons do in terms of getting me to de-stress.   Maybe once my endorphin high subsides, I could. Until then, my spring has been sprung by a sexy, evil, fluffy man.  Happy, happy sigh.  (I suspect I may pay for the fluffy comment when he reads this.)

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    This is a good catch up post. 3 inches off the hair huh..that’s a lot. I wonder if you look radically different…

  2. The “It practically gallops” quote was uttered by Cary Grant in “Arsenic & Old Lace”. Check it out. 😉

  3. I am trying to imagine how long your hair is with that 3″ off. I am glad the girls are enjoying their camps.

    DB starts camp tomorrow.

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