Motivational Monday & More #6

Let’s start with the more, shall we?

Happy birthday to a beautiful woman I know.  She pops up here and there in comments.  She is the beautiful and talented Hooligan Lili.

She kinda looked like this the other night when she got her chance to fly. This is her art, btw.  She is extremely talented, IMO.

Anyway, Lili, happy birthday! And may this year bring you more chances to fly.  Love you, beautiful!

Now, for the motivation….

I like the idea of being that person.
You are human. You will make mistakes. Learn from them don’t beat yourself up about them. Cause if you don’t learn from them, you will repeat them over and over.  Most people I know who beat themselves up over it never quite learn from it.
Everyone needs to have a quote like this.  Replace “write” with an activity that empties the mind. Then do it often.  
Usually these are the quieter people who are standing their smile as you succeed.
I liked this explanation. I think people hold it in trying to be strong or come across strong until it leaks out their eyeballs from the pressure.  In the end, they were never weak even if they had just cried.

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  1. Thank you ^_^

    This post was what I needed to see today.

  2. Vixen says:

    Those are all great but the one about putting your feet on the floor is AWESOME!

  3. suburbanslut says:

    I could have used a few of these during the past couple weeks.

  4. I love the tears one. It is so very true.

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