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My birthday party made posting an HNT last night the furthest thing from my mind….so I’m posting one now….it’s still Thursday….just late if you are on the west coast.  Better late than never? (Don’t forget to visit Os for others who played on time.)

Speaking of pictures, I am still posting them on my SmugMug page. Just got behind linking them here.  There is a camera icon in that upper right. Right over there – click it to check it out.  I’ll get back to linking them soon.

My birthday was a great day.  Went in for my 90 minutes of work. Avoided getting a parking ticket ($30 for a violation as I found out a couple weeks ago). Had a great lunch with a sexy man at a yummy brew pub while sitting in the sunshine.  Spent more time in the sunshine reading, then went on my first motorcycle ride.  That was more fun than I thought it would be. I wasn’t too much of a freak about it either.  Little known Emmy fact, I’m a control freak…..yeah, I know – not much of a little known fact.  It was quite fun.  Then when we got back, everyone had arrived for my party – a party G did a great job throwing together.

We ate, we drank, and we laughed at the fact that Chaps kept calling my friend/playmate by his Fetlife name in front of the 3 vanilla people.  The other 9 of us are on Fetlife.  Toss in my friend from college who came out to the deck laughing hysterically after the vanillas were talking about three-ways – and not in that way – and it was great fun.

The funniest part of the evening was actually a neat idea gone wrong.  About a month ago, G and I were visiting a shop that had Chinese wish lanterns.  These are lanterns you light a wax square inside and they float away like a mini hot air balloon.  The idea is you light them at dusk, make a wish, then release them.  They float away until they burn out.   We had talked about how neat that would be to do that sometime.

So, G got about 8 of them, I think.  Instead of making a wish blowing out candles, his idea was to do these instead.  Pretty cool.

Except a very bad idea in the city.

We got one launched. It was pretty cool – worked as expected.  All was well until it hit the transformer at the top of the electrical pole near the house.  As we all watched amused yet a bit anxious to see what would happen, it dislodged itself….

….just to get it caught in the neighbor’s tree.  And got stuck there.

The good news is that it burned out before starting a fire.

The better news is that the rain overnight got it out of the tree, so the evidence was gone.

We all loved the idea. It is a great one.  But we have decided we need to do it in a more appropriate location.  We have a few ideas.  And I have six wishing lanterns left.  And a desire for a neat picture.  

The day was great.  The weather was the only nice day – low 70s and sun – all week.  It could not have been better.   Except if another friend had been able to make it.  That would have made it better for sure.

Tomorrow, I reinstitute my rule about beer – must run to drink it.  I’ve been unmotivated lately – with no good excuse.  Need to fix it.  So, run for the beer commences again.

Makes you feel like a slug when you are married to the man who gets up at 4am to run 7 miles.

Yeah, I suck.

In the bad way too.

At the girl scout meeting this week, one of my 8 year olds announced after I had explained to the group something that I was using sarcasm.  I congratulated her on her ability to recognize it.  Later on in the meeting, she made a sarcastic response to me.  I told her I appreciated her use of sarcasm.  She thanked me – and said it was her favorite.   I like that kid.  I may have to steal her, but I know she is being raised in the right home.  I’ve met her mom.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    Well, a belated Happy Birthday. A year older..a year wiser..isn’t that what they say?

  2. Hubman says:

    I’m glad you had such a good birthday celebration! You turned 25, right? 😉

  3. Ms Scarlett says:

    I used to have that Sarcasm sign hanging over my desk… I may have to put it back up… it so often perfectly describes my disposition while at my desk.

    Hope you had a great birthday!!

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