Laptop Withdrawal


My hard drive started dying last week. There are certain noises that a hard drive should not make, and mine was making them. I backed up the hard drive, removed all personal data, and took it to the apple store.

I was thankful to get a geek girl at the genius bar. I have learned over the years that geek men either admire women who know what they are doing or they verbally pat you on the head and ignore you. I was not in the mood for the latter. The woman heard the noise and reserved a hard drive for me. A 10 minute process – score!

The call from the apple store came at 9:30am the next day. Score, I thought. Until he said, we still don’t know what is wrong. Fuck.

They ordered more parts. A system board and something else. So now I wait….and go crazy.

So no HNT for me tonight. No laptop means no software for my photos. Hell, posting this has been a bit of a pain. I’m hoping tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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  1. Sailor says:

    Fingers are crossed!

  2. Osbasso says:

    You could tear it apart yourself and fix it!

    And you could always phone in your HNT–and not be dependent upon software!

    Or you could take the week off. 🙂

  3. Joker_SATX says:

    Good luck with that…Technology is a Wonderful thing…when it works!

  4. Ashly Star says:

    That sucks. My laptop needs to be fixed. It’ll be an expensive little process so I’ve got that on hold for the time being. Thankfully, I have a netbook so I can still browse the internet. Not having my documents, pictures, music, etc accessible really sucks, though. Hope they get it fixed soon!

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