Energy Flying High


The energy at the club was perfect. People were scening. Those on the outskirts of the play areas were talking and laughing and having fun while enjoying the view of what was happening. People who were usually aloof were mellow and happy and talking to everyone. People who normally don’t scene were negotiating scenes and having fun as they played out. Even the dungeon masters (DMs) seemed less stressed than they usually do as they kept an eye on the happenings of their respective areas and joked with those watching.

Lili and I were having a great time watching the scene, talking to people, and just unwinding from the long day. We were teasing the DM in charge of the lower area (usually the dance floor on non-kink nights) after he kept backing into us in his attempt to keep the crowd from ruining the suspension occurring above the main space. We joked to him that he was doing it on purpose. And he laughed saying two pretty grrls being behind him did mean he was being extra protective.

We saw Domenico walk past, and both noticed his energy was different than the rest. And different in that not-so-good way. Funny that his wife and his girlfriend would pick up on it at the same time. We snagged him as he walked past again having gotten water for him and his date. He was not having a good night. We told him to come back and hang out with us. Allusions were made that we would take care of him. And the deal sealer was when Lili asked him: “Do you have your ring and your rope?” She wanted to fly.

He was back a minute later. Lili switched places with him so he could be sandwiched between us. “You need hugs from both of us” was her reasoning. He put his arms around us and pulled us in for a hug – then kissed her passionately – then turned to me to do the same. You could feel him starting to relax as we shared with him the energy we had – laid back, fun, happy energy. And we continued to chat and hug and kiss as we watched the woman being suspended.

When the hard point freed, we all three moved to the center. Lili disrobed, handing her dress to me as Domenico hooked up the ring and started pulling out his rope. He halved the rope, then started laying it onto her body with care, making sure it did not overlap and making it the right amount of tight. And as he manhandled her a bit through the rope, her smiles and his own got bigger. Round and round her body, he laid the rope. Talking to us as he went. Checking in on her to find out how it was feeling. Planning how he was going to have her fly.

As he laid more rope around her hips, she almost fell over – standing on very high heels were making her less steady on her feet. Each time he pulled the ropes tight, she would struggle to keep her balance. I tossed her dress into his bag, then moved closer to her for support. I stood behind her so she could lean back on me as he pulled her body forward. She bent backwards a bit so her head was on my shoulder. She was wiggly and excited to fly, so she and I swayed with each other to the beat of the music, our bodies pressed together as we enjoyed the energy.

When Domenico was done, he checked the ropes one more time and attached the carabiners. Then he reached around and took my hand letting me know he was ready to get her aloft. As soon as I moved clear, into the air Lili did fly. Her smile was huge as she was in the air. He swung her back and forth, then spun her around in circles. And in between, they kissed. They giggled. They were both all smiles as they played in the air.  Their love for each other was evident – and I was happy to bear witness to it.

When she was ready to come down, he lowered her back to the ground carefully making sure she landed on her feet and into his arms. They kissed and embraced, then he began to untie her. I joined them, handing him his drink, and helped coil up the rope.

We all embraced with kisses being exchanged again when Domenico declared he was taking us both home and to bed. Lili and I both bounced – “okay!” No need to tell us twice.

We met back at the house and crept inside careful to not wake up the others. G had stayed behind to watch the kids and was passed out in our room as the 4am training sessions had caught up with him. So off to the guest room we snuck. The door closed, and our clothes were off. Lili and I got on the bed together giggly, wiggly and eagerly waiting for Domenico to join us. He crawled between us, and the three of us melted together in a pile of bodies as we ended our evening the way it seemed meant to end.

 And in a better way than any of us had envisioned or planned.

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  1. Joker_SATX says:

    This was AWESOME!

  2. John and Ann says:

    Great story, but I was left wondering what became of his date?

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