Week in Review

…subtitled, lazy edition 🙂

First off, go wish  Os a happy birthday. Better yet, send him a naughty picture. They help his vision, I hear. You know – diabetes and all.  He has to exercise his eyes.

I have worked maybe 5hrs this week.  Stupid stalled project.  And it only was un-stalled for a week.  While now is definitely the time to derail the project in the name of new requirements, it doesn’t help me.

I got suspended last night.  For those of you non-kink community people, it means I was in the air held up only by rope.  After getting over the odd feeling, it was great. I liked it.  I hope my rope marks don’t fade too fast.  They are a nice reminder.  And I hope to do it again soon!

This weekend is the local comicon for the small press stuff.  It is always such a good show.  Small but accessible especially for those venturing into a comic independently.  G and others are excited.  Should be some good fun.

One thing we aren’t doing this week – again – is soccer. Indigo is supposed to be playing, but – get this – it’s too muddy.  Actually if you are local, it isn’t much of a surprise. By March 30th, we had already had lik 28 days of rain in March.  April hasn’t seen much improvement.  At this point, the fields are beyond trashed – so the parks departement has decided no more playing until it can dry out.   So, no soccer this week either.

I know many people are talking about the little boy who is getting his toe nails painted pink by his mom – a photo that showed up in the latest J Crew catalog.  Remember back near Halloween when the mom who let her son dress up as Daphne from Scooby Doo?  I loved the comment she made in response to the toe nail painting photo.  She said “If this was a little girl and her dad – playing in the mud with trucks – this wouldn’t be a major news story.”  A-fucking-MEN!  To be honest, I know many a little boy who had his toes or fingers painted by his mom after he begged.  Who cares!!  As a said to my playmate, who likes having his toe nails painted, “apparently you are transgender now.  Did you know?”  Wonder if his wife is aware?  Hmm….

But seriously, most little boys at this age go thru some of it. I mean, they aren’t born with a book on how to be a boy – things not to ask for because they are considered “unmanly” even at 5.  There is this great photo that my parents have of my brother at that same age, crying because he wanted the doll I had gotten for Christmas.  He was quite upset – to the point where my mom exchanged his firetruck (a toy he had gotten for Christmas but hated) for a doll.  He loved it.  Who fucking cares??!   Let kids be who they are.  Let them explore who they may become – as it is through that exploration that they find themselves or at least start crossing things off the list.

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  1. Osbasso says:

    Oh, how I love it when you solicit help with my vision! 🙂

    Sucks about the soccer… What happened to the old days when you just got together in an old abandoned lot?? The rusty nails and broken glass simply built character!

  2. I like the comment on letting the kids be who they are as this ‘issue’ have also come up with my siblings with regards a nephew who would like to try on his mother’s high heels.

  3. When my friend William, was five year’s old, he wanted a doll, to hug and hold.

    To the extent that anything’s funny about bigotry. I always am amused at how fragile most anti-gay activists hold on hetero-sexuality must be. Like any little push can turn them onto (or off of as the case may be) the cock. Seriously. Little TMI, but my mom was a hippie, and i breast feed till I was like 2 1/2. My dad used to complain to my mom that ‘it was gonna make me gay’. Like sucking on tits could ecen do that! My current state of bi-curiosity notwithstanding, Im pretty sure there’s no one in the world who loves boobies more than I.

    Speaking of…nice nipples! And the rope burns ain’t shabby neither.

  4. Just me... says:

    Most kids I know and have known love both getting muddy and snuggling with something.. Never really thought it would be an issue.. But people will make issues out of the damnedest things.. 🙂

  5. Vixen says:

    My son only last year stopped asking for his nails to be painted too… *shrug* People need to get over themselves and their ridiculousness IMO

    Love the pic of you 😉

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