The Puppy Pile

The minute the doors closed, the clothes started coming off.  No kissing. No other preamble other than hearing that click.  Then we piled into bed – under the covers.

A nap was the guise.  Quiet time that sent the kids to their rooms – and the adults in to ours.  
We got cuddled together amid wiggles and giggles.  Entangling our bodies together so that everyone was touching – connected in the pile.
And as we all relaxed – comfortable in the configuration, the hands started roaming under the covers. Hands stroking skin as we as a group physically relaxed some more.
Then stroking hands turned into groping hands.  The sounds of relaxed breathing turned into sounds of kisses and moans as the hands found their targets.  
And as our nap continued, the bodies shifted around – the moans continued as did the kissing and the groping.  Everyone enjoying the closeness and the freedom that comes from the puppy pile. The freedom to explore – to watch – to try new things – to just be. 
The magic only ended when the time was discovered.  More time had passed than we had thought. No more time could be spent.
We got dressed and said our goodbyes – all leaving with smiles on our faces.

And images in our head.

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  1. Advizor54 says:

    A puppy pile? I love the phrases, it evokes such happy, giggly, goofy images, but with an adult twist.

  2. That is a wonderful turn of phrase Emmy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Wonderful…sooo awesome!

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