The Lurid Details

He rolled over and cuddled up behind me. I had just put my book down and was going to try to sleep.  He slid his arm under my head and scooted up close.  I was just settling in against him when his hand closed around my neck, I felt his cock pushing against my pussy, and his voice growled in my ear, 
“Did you think about him as you came?”
He had gone to bed really early so he could run in the morning. I had quietly read until I decided an orgasm may help me to sleep – feeling keyed up for some reason.  I read one of my favorite things to masturbate to, but ended up ignoring it as my imagination began replaying the night before.  Before I knew it, I came – my pussy really wanting to be filled and fucked.
I was quiet, or so I thought.  I had awoken him.
“Did you think about him as you came?” he asked again in my ear.
“Be a good grrl and tell me what you thought about” was his command as his cock slid into my pussy – his other hand pulling my leg into the right position so he could fuck me easily.
“I thought about waking him up – by stroking his cock – and asking him to fuck me.”
“I hope he fucked you hard” was his response as he began fucking me slowly.
“He did – then he drove into my pussy deep – and started biting my nipples.”
He chucked, “You hate that.  Were you a good grrl and let him fuck you however he wanted, wherever he wanted?” 
“Did you suck his cock?”

“Did you let him fuck you hard?”
“Yes, he fucked me hard. I’ve been feeling it all day. When we got there, he grabbed me by the hair, dragged me to the chair in the hotel room, pushed me over it, and fucked me hard.”
“Good.” was his simple response.  Then he followed quickly with, “did you like being treated like that?”
“Oh yeah. Turned me on. I couldn’t help but wiggle against him. He kept telling me I was being a good grrl.”
And I felt his other hand on my nipple – lazily playing with it.
I continued, “He did that too. It drove me crazy.  He’d play with my nipple like that, and I’d just want to come over and over again.”
“Did you touch yourself?”
“Why not? Did you ask him to touch yourself?”
“No. Not something I’ve done in front of him yet.”
“Good grrl.” he growled into my ear as he continued to fuck me, “He should give you permission to do it.  Did you make him cum?”
“Yes.  I stroked his cock. He poured lube over my fist as I was doing it – making it slippery like he likes.  Then he came all over me – and rubbed his cum into my body.”
His pace quickened and his grip on my neck tightened as he pulled me in even closer to him.
“Did he have you collared?” was his next question.
“Yes.  Do you like hearing that?” I couldn’t resist asking given the question caught me by surprise.
“I do.  Were you a good grrl – did you wear it the whole time?”
I moaned before I answered that I was and I had.
He was close. I could tell. So I kept talking.
“In the middle of the night, I curled up close to him – and started stroking his body – his arms, his legs, his cock.  Then I’d kiss his chest and could feel his cock stirring.  I did this until he was hard and partially awake – then I asked him to please fuck me. Do you like hearing this?”
He didn’t answer directly – instead came suddenly – pulling me in closer to him as he did it.  Then after catching his breath said “thank you.”
“Sorry I woke you.”
“No, I’m glad you did. Plus, I wanted to hear about your evening.”
Then he rolled back over and went back to sleep.
I love that we can have these fuck sessions where we share the lurid details of our nights with others.  
Oh, and when did my husband figure out how to Top me?  Hmmm…..

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  1. Ell says:

    Gorgeous reading lovely girl! Found myself holding my breath!

  2. Joker_SATX says:

    This was HAWT! I loved it.

  3. That was incredibly erotic. Love it and love the two of you!

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