Random Thoughts on a Friday


DJ is now a black belt.  She found out Wednesday night.  What almost kept her from getting it?  Her Moe putting the Korean flag on your uniform – upside down.  I was so worried about getting the patches on the right place on the new uniform, I missed that detail.  The red goes on top.

She is still grinning ear-to-ear.  So very proud of her.
I have a 3-day weekend thanks to my contract ending yesterday.  They are renewing the contract for a new project there.  In theory it starts Monday. I have yet to get notice about it, so we’ll see.  Meanwhile, there is a major open issue with the software.  I got them to a point where if they follow the directions, they should be able to resolve it.  Yeah, they won’t.  As is sometimes the case in IT, you have to let it break before people realize what they need.  Can’t take someone’s word for it – someone with 16 years experience – must experience it first.  Whatever.  I have a 3-day weekend.
Yes, please.  God, I need a long, hard, rough fuck.  The kind where I’ll have reminders for days afterwards.  The kind where there are no words that come to mind when its over – you can only lay there in each others arms, catching your breath and trying to find the ability to speak again.  Yeah, that’s what I need.  Sigh….
My friend wrote something that is beautiful on her blog.  Go over and read it.  It’s one of those images that will stick in your head – and you’ll understand if you have someone you feel this way about.  Oh, and you are going to see her smiling face – just remember, she has a bag of evil, and isn’t afraid to use it. Love you, Chaps!
Hopefully, it stays dry this weekend.  I have raised beds that need to get weeded and the planting needs to get started soon.  Our area set a record of 28 days in a row of rain.  That record was set on the 29th of March.  Yeah, it’s time for some drying out.  Hopefully it will begin.
Ok, that’s all of the random thoughts going through my head this morning.  Off for more coffee.  

What do you think?

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