Photos: The Past Few Days

The artistic picture I took of the St John’s Bridge. Using the iPhone because I went out with my big fancy camera – and a dead battery.  Yeah….
Laying in a sunbeam on the back deck with a happy dog.  The reward for not killing ourselves after 30+ days of rain.  I can feel the moss going away….
More sun time….with one of the four hula hoops we made. And a beer.
My friend Chaps took me out to meet the other man in her life – her horse.  I walked into the tack room and had to take a photo.  It reminded me of something a friend told me abut her response to tack shops.  After seeing what fun things were in that room – I can see why. 🙂
Yesterday before I went for a run, I searched for running socks. I could not find a matching pair.  My roommate in college got me over the idea that you must have matching socks when you exercise. So I went out with mismatched socks.  I figured the new shoes would be the bigger issue than the socks. They were.

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