Outed to a Friend

My friend and I had just emerged from relaxing in the couples lounge. We had come early to help setup for the kink party at the local swingers club and laid in the couple’s lounge talking until the action started picking up.

She had made a bee line for a friend she had seen. Her goal for the night was to introduce me around to all of her friends. I was looking forward to that aspect of the evening, but also hanging out with her. She is a great friend, and life sometimes takes us different directions. It was nice having the time together.

Almost immediately after she started talking to her friend, I heard “I know you”.

And I knew the guy who had just said it.

It was my friend’s husband.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had come across my friend’s husband on Fetlife. She and I were supposed to get together that weekend, and I was going to come out to her about the open marriage and BDSM stuff. Life got in the way, and it sadly did not happen.

But now it was going to happen – life in the way or not.

His shocked look on his face was quite entertaining. I had known about him, yet he was just making this discovery. I laughed my ass off at his expression.

Then he says to me, “what are we going to tell my wife?”

His wife and I go all the way back to college days. I never had pegged her as a traditionalist in terms of relationships. She was pretty much her own person and was pretty comfortable with herself to discuss pretty much anything. Time and age changed things a bit. We were drifting apart when she moved to the area. It was hard because I had work, kids, and other activities to keep me busy. And she was just trying to get established. Over the past year, things just drifted further apart.

Until now. 

When our world collided.

We joked as to who was qualified to tell her. He told me I’d be meeting his partner later. I told him he may be meeting one of mine too. When he got up to go off with someone, he gave me a hug to “break the ice.”

“Honey, the ice is gone. And all is good.” was my reply.

We went our separate ways. It was odd seeing a friend from the vanilla world in the crowd, but also made me laugh each time I noticed it. The next day, I got a great message from my friend that was entitled “Closet Doors Blown Off Hinges”. I knew things were going to be good.

When I spoke with her the next day, she was giggly. My friend would never be someone I’d describe as giggly, but she was. We talked. We shared. She asked a ton of questions. I answered them. And we just shared.

And it was weird.

In a good way.

I had learned that after her husband ran into me at the club, he went out to the foyer and called her. “Guess who I just ran into?” was how he broke the ice with her. She had been giggling ever since that phone call.

It was funny because her husband knew the one who gave me the spanking at kink night. I had posted a photo the next day on Fetlife because it was strongly suggested that I post the results. In the middle of our intense conversation about agreements between spouses and such, she asked “how hard did he spank you? I know you don’t bruise that easily.” She had seen the photo and was in awe. At that point, I was giggling.

She sent me a note a few days later saying how pleased she is to have people who know her know all aspects about her life now.

I will have to say that the feeling is mutual.

Oh, and for those of you keeping score at home. I am now 2 for 2 in terms of going to the club AND meeting someone from my vanilla life there. Wonder if this trend will continue. Hmmm…

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  1. Wish I could say the same about my life. 😉

  2. Fusion says:

    Makes one wonder how many people (and friends) we come in contact with (or know) are kinksters/swingers. I’m thinking many more than we’d think, and like Nolens Volens, I wish I could as well…

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