HNT – Gussied Up

click the pic please.

Over the weekend, I actually got gussied up to go out to the dungeon party.  Thanks to the help of my friend, I think this was my favorite outfit of the weekend. And, my date, well, I think he enjoyed the cinching my corset after arriving. A girl’s gotta breath while sitting on the way there anyway.   Actually, I enjoyed being cinched – who am I kidding.  And the zipper on the skirt? A definite hit!

See Osbasso to find out who else is playing this week.
Or OHNT for more fun.

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  1. BluEyedBader says:

    Very hot… yes a skirt definitely needs a zipper.

    Glad your date enjoyed it, Im sure I would have too.

  2. quite lovely indeed!

  3. Osbasso says:

    Zippers are always fun and appreciated!

  4. 13messages says:

    Did you hear me gulp at your breathtakingly sexy HNT from afar? Way too afar if you ask me.

    My words can’t possibly do justice to how perfect a photograph this is. I’m off to fall out of my chair now.


  5. Chapter Two says:

    no doubt that outfit was a hit. wow (cuz the woman in it sooo pulls it off!) I bet it looked great with your hair too

  6. +whistles+ My jaw dropped!! You look amazing!! 😀

  7. I can see how that zipper would be a hit. You look lovely

  8. Cheeky Minx says:

    I love your style. Yes, I do…

  9. JM says:

    That looks HOT! Fantastic outfit, seriously.

  10. Maggie says:

    Wow. You and I need to play dress up sometime, I love what you wear!

  11. John and Ann says:

    Another very sexy image of Emmy! Who doesn’t love a conveniently located zipper?

  12. frances says:

    *whistles* damn girl! You look über sexy.

  13. Tigress says:

    Wow….. HOT!!! I’m sure you had an awesome time.


  14. Vixen says:

    Love love LOVE that outfit. SUPER freakin’ sexy and hot. The thigh highs and the zipper…..daaaaammnn…..

  15. Joker_SATX says:

    Happy HNT to ya…Yeah, you are definitely HOT!

  16. As my mama would say “Yourt sure do clean up real nice”.

  17. Wow! You look super hot! I’ll bet you were the best looking woman there, all gussied up like that!


  18. Wow! You look super hot! I’ll bet you were the best looking woman there, all gussied up like that!


  19. Very hot.
    And wow…sexy corset! I love it.

  20. Jas says:

    Phew! Think it just got hot in here..
    VERY hot 😉

  21. That is quite possibly a very perfect outfit. Corset, cleavage, no panties, fishnets, boots, and a zipper in the back???

    You my dear are an inspiration.

  22. That Girl says:

    seriously no reason to say click PLEASE?

    loved it!!

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