A Collar

“Hang on a second,” he said as he pulled me to a stop.

He lifted his bag onto the table and started searching through its pockets until he found it. Then he held it up for me.

A black leather collar.

I squirmed inside and out – squirmed from excitement and arousal. A response I never would have expected to have had.

He had mentioned making me a collar a few months before. He had mentioned it as we were out with our kids actually. We were in a bookstore. The kids were off looking for books, and he and I had been chatting when he announced suddenly that he needed to make me a collar.

In that moment, I was aroused instantly. My breath was caught in my throat. My mind was already on how that would play out – me, him and a collar.

I realized later that I had not really communicated well my response – the physical response sort of took away from my words. I mentioned that I liked the idea when I spoke with him. He said he had gotten that impression despite my lack of articulation.

A few weeks later, he pinged me on chat. “How big around is your neck?” A random question that took me out of my work and mentally into the bedroom with him. I joked that he has had his hands around my neck enough – he should know already. He guessed what he thought it was, I confirmed he was right. And the conversation went back to other things.

Standing in the dungeon, he showed me the collar. I was excited. I turned around and moved my hair out of the way, so he could put it on me. Feeling the leather laying flat against my neck elicited the same response I get when his hand goes around my throat. In a strange way, it causes me to relax – to exhale – to know I am in his hands – to know he will take care of me – to know I’m his to do with what he pleases. The collar, like his hand, cause the same response. I was his and in his hands.

Once I felt his hands finish buckling it, I turned and looked up at him. The happiness and satisfaction was all over his face. I tilted my head up, kissed him, and simply said “thank you”.

Later, as we got into the car, he stopped me realizing he needed to take the collar off. I was surprised I had not realized it myself, but turned around and let him remove it from me. My neck felt naked where it had been.

The act of him collaring me before we play is relatively new but my reaction surprises me each time. I like that feeling of ownership – the symbolism of him making me his own. That transfer of power – power that was already his, but symbolically becomes his when he puts it on me.  I like it all – all of those feelings I have when that leather touches my neck.

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  1. frances says:

    Beautifully written. I bet you look so sexy and it’s obvious it makes you feel sexy. Hope we’ll see it in pictures soon!

  2. That Girl says:

    oh nice! just the smell of the leather would be enough for me ….

  3. DCHY says:

    You’d wear the collar to work if you could… Why not use the “electricity grounding” defense? 😉

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