Valentine’s Day

Oh, I had aspirations for writing some sappy Valentine’s day post to my husband.  
But, it kinda fell flat.
Not because I don’t love him – but that’s really between the two of us.
Plus, a public display is not needed.
I could have gone the other route – the route where I go on and on about how people shouldn’t need a Hallmark holiday to express their affection and such.  
But, it’s been done too.
Instead, I started thinking about the valentines I would give those in my life these days.  That combined with my discovery of the candy heart generator, and I decided this would be more entertaining.  Given it is a holiday whose icon is a half naked person flying around shooting arrows at people, a Kinky Valentines Day definitely is more appropriate this year.
Sigh….biting….yes, please.  Might I suggest a few places on my neck. Just don’t leave any marks.  Yes, I have long hair to cover it, but it’s still hard to explain. 

 No one can claim I am a top. Or even top from the bottom (except maybe G). And I know at least three people who would love to get this one – not that they would need this one to do anything. Ah, the true nature of a top.

Lots of good things can happen when tied up. Oh, yes….lots of good things…..

This one definitely goes to two different people – G is one of them.  TL is the other.  

Over the knee, one hand in my hair or on my neck, the other spanking my ass – hard, fast, slow, stingy….the person who would get this knows who he is.  I can assure you.
To know me is to know – I like my hair pulled.
Not that I would give this one myself, but I can think of some people (ahem, G) who may have a person in mind for it.  Plus, to see the words “rope slut” on a candy heart – priceless.

May your Valentine’s Day be fun and kinky.

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  1. Aurore says:

    Those are candy hearts I would love to give too 😉

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. That Girl says:

    i love these candy hearts! happy v day!

  3. DCHY says:

    For sure, I can’t keep any of that in my house…my older daughter can read. 😉

    I enjoyed your…twist…on Valentine’s Day. LOL

  4. How does one become a rope slut?

  5. Love the idea of making your own candy hearts! And the idea of a kinky Valentine’s Day. That’s one Hallmark holiday worth celebrating!


  6. Happy Valentine’s Day. 🙂

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