He told me later that when he walked into the door and pulled me in for a kiss that the plans he had in his bag flew out the window. He had even packed it with care. He had plans.

But his plans changed to just reconnecting again. It had been too long.

Clothes were shed quickly, then pushed me back onto the bed. I had expected him to join me, but instead he settled between my thighs and brushed his tongue lightly against my clit. His arms held my legs open as his fingers squeezed my nipples. This lazily way that he licked my clit drove me crazy, but I couldn’t squirm. He held my hips down firm as he went at his pace. It didn’t take long before I was at that edge of orgasm. And I walked on that edge until I finally begged him to stop. I needed to cum or stop – but that teasing of the orgasm was no longer acceptable.

“Finish yourself” he told me as he released my hand, then slide fingers into my pussy to help as he watched. He likes to watch.

I took over and came almost immediately. I was closer than even I had realized.

The transition from my orgasm to him filling me happened quicker than I expected. He only paused to pull my hair out from under me. His perceived courtesy would later lead to my understanding – he did have plans for it.

I never categorize our play as officially age play. There is no daddy-little girls sort of thing going on, but his affection always demonstrates to me that he does enjoy the age difference – the fact I’m so much younger than he is combined with the submissiveness definitely makes him react in a way I have not experienced with others.

He pulled me into the crook of his harm, gently caressing my face, kissing my forehead as he slowly started rocking in and out of me.

“You remembered” he whispered into my ear.

I started thinking about what I was doing trying to figure out what he was referring to. My thoughts must have crossed my face.

“You are holding your legs up and open for me – just like I taught you.” 
I remember how he subtly, then not so subtly taught me. He would move my legs open to where he wanted them. If I wasn’t picking up the lesson in the past, he would pull out his rope and straps and restrain me in a way that kept me where he wanted me.

“It’s the position that opens you up – giving me full access – just like I like.”

And that is what I was doing. Open to him, taking him as he was willing to give himself to me – waiting in wonder if he was going to be gentle and firm, or start to fuck me hard as he slammed into me in a way that you could hear my pussy slap against him.

But at that moment, he was reflecting on what he had been missing. Tucking my head into the crook of his arm so he could pull me close – tight – to him as he started fucking me. Almost a contradiction of sorts – hard and fast fucking combined with gentle and tender as he cradled me in his arms.

Suddenly, he shifted, grabbed my hair close to the head pulling my head up to meet his mouth – then started fucking me hard as he assaulted my mouth with his own. No moan could escape my mouth as he held me where he wanted me.

As suddenly as he started this, he released me – kissed my forehead gently – stroked my face lovingly – then placed his hand around my throat as he slowly started to rock inside of me. That contradiction again.

And when he got close to his own orgasm, he moved his hand from the throat to the back of my neck, then pulled me close again in order to regain control – and continue his own build up.

This process repeated itself several times before he looked at me and said, “I will only cum when you beg me to cum. I like that idea. Beg for it, and I will cum for you.”

It didn’t take long before I was ready for him to cum. I knew it wouldn’t take much begging. I knew simply placing his hand from my hair and onto my throat would push him over that edge. And so I did that – and asked please – nicely. He did make me ask a few more times before he finally came.

We curled up recovering. Talking about how long it has been. We have been playing now for a year, and I poked fun at the fact he felt like it had been forever. We talked about the kids, his work, my work, and Garbanzo. He always dances around the fact he wants to know what and who else I’m doing. I gave him a bit more info than usual – but not much. I don’t want copying – and he isn’t shy about stealing ideas. 😉

I knew it wouldn’t take him long to recover. He is one of those rare guys who can bounce right back – with little recovery time. And I knew he was there, when his mouth found a nipple and his fingers found my pussy.

We started fucking again. His hand was in my hair – hold me tight – and as a leverage point as he fucked me hard. He shifted positions – pinning my legs onto my arms as he fucked me hard – slapping my pussy with his body. It felt so good, I didn’t want it to stop – but knowing it would torment me if he did – he did.

He paused and told me he was enjoying himself too much – he didn’t want to stop and get things out to torment me. He was enjoying this reunion.

“You are such a good submissive girl giving yourself to me as I want it. I missed this.”

The play continued – slow, hard, fast, gentle. He once again grabbed a handful of my hair – pulled my head to where he could take my mouth as he fucked me hard and came.

And as he cradled me close to his body, he confessed, “I missed my little Emmy.”

Then he quickly added with a smirk, “But next time, I’m getting the stuff out of my bag.”

I can’t wait.

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  1. DCHY says:

    Guess I will have to wait. 🙂

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    Oh man….. Amazing. Erotic. Intense.

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