POD – Sunday Wanderings

art in the park – yes, it is a dog dish.
One of the new apartment buildings downtown has several wind turbines on it. They were all going today with the wind. 
The baptist church downtown
Functional art – these bikes are stored here by the Zoo Bombers – a group who go up to the zoo located up in the hills. Then on these kid bikes they see how fast they can go down the twisty, turny roads back into the city.  It’s crazy. The city was going to confiscate the bikes when they were stored all chained together on a public bike rack. Then someone created this “art piece” for them.  The city was happy – the bombers were happy – and no bikes were lost due to confiscation.  
Portland has a rule about public art projects. New building projects must contribute 1% to the public art projects.  As a result, we end up with neat stuff – and we end up with dog dishes.  Overall, it works – dog dish aside.

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  1. That Girl says:

    yikes. i don’t know that i’d want my dog drinking out of that bowl. but then again, they say dogs have pretty tough stomaches……and this comment is coming from someone who loves her dog way more than i love most people….;)

  2. Mr. Chien says:

    Really like the church picture!

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