POD – Pizza Hearts

Valentine’s Day growing up meant one thing – my mom making my dad a heart cake – made out of yellow cake and covered in frosting – some years chocolate, other years pink.  

She didn’t have a heart shaped cake pan – she built the heart out of a square pan and a cake round.  She didn’t have a plate big enough, so she would take this huge cutting board she had, wrap it in tin foil, and put it on there.
My parents didn’t have a lot of money until we were out of college.  Between my ear problems (while my family was without insurance) and other financial strains, it was all they could do to celebrate valentines day. But my mom – she always knew there was enough in the pantry to make a cake and frost it.  Show her love by making my dad a giant valentine.  
I never know what to give the kids and G for valentine’s day.  So, this year, I made them heart shaped pizzas for dinner. The dough was from scratch. The sauce from scratch. Indigo had cheese which is her favorite.  DJ had peperoni which is her favorite. G had a veggie pizza.  It was all very yummy, if I may say so myself.   And they loved the surprise.  It’s the little things.

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  1. I love this Idea!!!

    We had mexican, John’s favorite! I know the way to his heart!

  2. dark snow says:

    happy valentine’s!!!!ur hubby is a luckt guy =)

  3. garbonzo says:

    Thank you for a wonderful Valentines Day surprise! I love you!

  4. suburbanslut says:

    I saw these when you posted the link on Twitter and wanted to comment on how creative and wonderful I thought this idea was. I think I’m gonna steal it next time I make pizza.

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