Photos of the Past Week

Ok – so my gallery finally came back online.  Which made me happy since it was empty after I uploaded my new files.  A mild panic – followed by a quick check of the blog – confirmed they were not deleted.  (If they had been, my photos would have all disappeared.)

So, here are the random shots:

both of these photos were taken as I waited for the windows to defrost. We had some frosty mornings this week.
This crane in downtown always gets my attention – or at least the fact they have labeled weights on it. Almost 85,000lbs in fact.  
The downtown police station.  Actually, I was sitting in the park, reading my Kindle, drinking coffee, and mainly – enjoying the fact it was sunny and nice.  
The view from my office window most of this week. The sun taunting me as I worked.
Four chickens – eight different colored eggs. Organized by color.
The great, amazing lemon meringue pie.  

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  1. Aurore says:

    I am always pulled in by how beautiful lemon meringue pie is and then I remember I hate meringue 🙁

  2. Ok so I have to ask….do the eggs taste any different with their different colored shells?

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