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Maybe it’s the fact I feel I’m finally coming out of the fog of sickness I have been in.  Who knows. But, I don’t have just one thing in my head -so I’m writing a stream of them.

I got a new iPhone on Saturday. This past week, mine has been pissing me off. Just getting slow – requiring lots of reboots throughout the week to clear the memory – and generally it was just feeling it was time.  It’s 2 years old now. I made it through my contract. 
The new iPhone – very nice. In fact, I can almost fit all of my music on it.  MUCH better than the last one.  And because of the timing of my hardware upgrade with respect to my cell contract, I was grandfathered into the data plan change – meaning, I still have an unlimited plan without the rate hike.  I don’t usually worry about it, but figured I would rather not worry about it than downgrade and save $5.  
He did try to get me to downgrade me text messaging from unlimited.  After I stopped laughing, said “yeah, no. Can’t do that.”  
The verdict of the phone so far? FAST. Holy crap is it fast. Everything is faster. It’s very nice. Feels a bit different in the hand, but I got used to that pretty fast.  I’m happy I finally upgraded.
While I’m geeking out too, I should mention that I love an app called PhoneView. It allows you to pull things off of your phone you can’t via iTunes.  I don’t always save my pictures in text messages for example, but I can in a bulk way with that app. It was nice to have all of the stuff off the phone without worrying about losing anything.  
And while I’m being a bit of a geek, I discovered my viewership on Friday went thru the fucking roof. A couple of clicks later, I found out why.  The recent e[lust] digest included my post about a bruise inventory after a fun weekend.  Seems it noticed by a bondage site on Friday and a link to it was posted there. There are a lot of kinky people coming to visit.  Welcome if you are one of them.
While I’m on the topic of followers, I must say that I have mixed feelings about paying attention to the numbers.  On one hand, it is nice to see how many people are reading. It’s nice to see how many people have the blog in their readers – or decide to follow me on Twitter.  Overall though, I do this for me.  I tweet because it started out as a geek experiment – and I have connected with some great people through there.  Follow me, unfollow me – I care, but I also know I may not be what people expect when they sign up to follow.  I get that.  Do what you need to do.  That’s my approach.  
Saturday, G and I found ourselves alone.  One kid was away for the night with a friend. The other was picked up by a family and taken to a birthday party.  What did we do with 3hrs of alone time? Playtime followed by a nap, of course.  I cannot usually nap, but I’ll have to thank being sick for letting me do it without ramifications later. It was heaven.
G’s chickens have figured out how to get out of chicken-traz.  Hopefully he can fix the problem before it starts causing new problems with our neighbors.  At least they are smart enough to watch for the dogs. When they heard the backdoor open, they both headed back to the chicken coop. 
This weekend, G experimented with a cake recipe. A gluten-free, vegan cake recipe.  It’s funny because he got the inspiration from his stunt bottom – a woman who allows him to tie her up with his practice ropes.  They met at a rope class where they connected when they started talking about baking.  She has allergies and bakes gluten-free, animal free.  The first time they got together for practice, they did it while the cake baked.  It is so funny because that is all they have a connection over. They have no sexual attraction.  Each time they get together now, they bake.  This past week, they baked a chocolate, coconut, curry cake.  Holy crap was it good.   This past weekend, he made it again.  I guarantee you that if you tasted it, you would have no idea it was gluten free or vegan.   He is enjoying the process because it requires you to learn the various flours and starches and such. 
Speaking of rope, I’m excited. In a few weeks, I’m going to be a friend’s rope bottom in a partial suspension class.  Suspension is one of those neat things that I’ve enjoyed watching and seeing photographs of it.  Can’t wait to be part of it.  
Ok – I think that’s my brain dump.
Hope everyone has a good Monday!

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  1. Aurore says:

    I have to say I used to obsess about the numbers particularly on my blog but then I realized that most of the time, no matter how many people were viewing my blog, I only have a small core of people who comment. Those are the people that matter.

    That cakes sounds yummy – any way to get the recipe?

    I’ve always wanted to try a suspension. Enjoy!

  2. Topaz says:

    Ropes have always intrigued me… will we get to see some pics out of the class? That would be so cool!

  3. Babe Lincoln says:

    We just passed the two year mark with our iphones and like clockwork, have noticed new “bugs” and lots of lag time. Makes me think there is something programmed in these phones that kicks in after two years… sort of a “this message will self destruct” that forces us to trade in for a new model!

    I did an app search for PhoneView, but nothing came up by that name… is there an alternative?

  4. Mr. Chien says:

    I still do the refresh thing over and over again to see comments and check my numbers whenever I write a new blog, I should stop lol cause I get annoyed when I don’t see any comment or no one’s read the post yet.

    Even though I don’t have an iPhone, you’re talking to a fellow mac geek here (sporting 6 macs at home), so if you have any geek question, feel free to fire away and I’ll do my best to help you out

  5. Joker_SATX says:

    The wife and I are still on the Iphone 3G. Maybe next month, Our anniversary 1 year, we will upgrade to the Iphone 4.

    And yeah, the unlimited plan is awesome. AT&T hates me. I am on that thing almost as much as I am on my computer systems. I eat up their minutes like nobody’s business….

  6. Hubman says:

    Our AT&T contracts are up in June, I’m looking forward to upgrading from the 3G to the 4G, I’m glad to hear you like it so much.

    Suspension, huh? Sounds interesting, I’m interested to hear more about it.

  7. Vixen says:

    Yay for kink…. 😉

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