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I have this cold that seems to be sitting on my chest. It’s the achey-ness that is killing me though. I tried to run the other day – and failed miserably. I decided maybe some yoga.  Another failure as my joints hurt and muscles cramped.  I have learned over the years that if my legs are achey, then I’m getting sick. Weird, huh?  Fighting it clearly is not good.

So, I got up today, went to email the team letting them know I’d be out, only to realize I had to go into the office. Why? Because I had a new contractor coming into the office and he was supposed to work with a team that – well – isn’t self starting meaning I have to drag them into the conversation. So I went into the office, got thru the emails, set expectations in terms of what I needed them to do so I could leave for the day.  Thankfully I sounded and, apparently, looked like I crap.  Yay?

I got out fo there earlier than I thought – chatted with a few friends throughout the day as I napped and tormented another friend with IMs of some of my favorite lines from Bull Durham.  And I drank lots of tea….loose leave Tao of Tea cranberry orange tea.  Good stuff.

And I used to drink a LOT of tea, so it was nice buying loose leaf tea and know I had a way to brew it. I love this clear teapot of mine. It has a built in strainer which is the main reason I used it.

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  1. you can im or txt me bull durham quotes anytime!!! C-Man

  2. That tea looks so very good. Did Garbanzo bring you a scone to go with it?

  3. Joker_SATX says:

    I know I am kinda late on this post but here is hoping you are feeling a bit better at least…..Tis the season!

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