POD – Raindrops and Bottle Caps

On Wednesday, I took this shot of the raindrops covering the tree.

click it to see a better view

Today’s picture is the bottle cap from the bottle of beer my brother gave me.

It reads “Bravely Done”.
The beer – The Abyss by Deschutes Brewing – has a thick layer of wax covering the bottle cap. After wrestling to open it – I finally got it open – to find that message inside the cap.


Ironically, G got me the same beer right before we left to see my family. I didn’t drink it before we left.  He said he got it because it said it had black licorice flavors. He knows me so well.

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  1. Chapter Two says:

    mmmm beer. i had a few tonight myself

  2. Ms Scarlett says:

    Great shots… love the rain on the tree…

  3. Just me... says:

    Love the raindrops!
    A licorice flavored beer.. Hmmmm.. Something I’d have to try before commenting… Cool bottlecap, though! 🙂

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