Erogenous Zones 1: Head & Neck

Lilly over at This Could Be Dangerous has started a series of prompts about Erogenous Zones.  This week, her prompt was Head and Neck.

Pull my hair, and you will raise my arousal to whole new levels. The shift of control that occurs is clear – it is erotic – it is what I crave.  But you can’t just grab the end of my hair. No. You must grab it close to the scalp, a big hand full of it – to get my attention in a positive way.  Do it while you fuck me.  Happy sigh.

And my neck – my neck has been surprising me these days. I love having my neck bitten – right along that tendon that extends from my head to my shoulder.  The thought makes me squirm in my seat.  That place has gotten me into trouble. That spot has resulted in me having to find new ways to cover bruises.  That spot will bring me to new heights during foreplay.  Oh, hell, who am I kidding – I love it anytime.

Then, there is a hand on my neck – choke play, if you will.  Nothing will send me into submission faster – a big hand around my neck.  It takes me to a place that always surprises me. The trust. The control. The feeling of it.  I cannot describe how much I enjoy it.

Lately, there is merely the head games. My mind is the largest erogenous zone. I love knowing what someone is thinking. I love having ideas seeded into my brain – the ideas that sit there and grow.  The ideas that make me squirm in my chair – that make me get my own ideas.

Visit Lilly to see who else is playing this week.

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  1. Yet another that hit upon the brain, and I’m surprised and disappointed in myself that it totally didn’t come into my focus when I wrote mine.

    I’ve been seduced by men just on words alone. No touch, no sight, just words.

  2. Emmy says:

    It was last on my list because I thought of it right before I posted it. Almost missed it myself. 🙂

  3. Vixen says:


    But as you said- head/mind. Yeeeees…..

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