A Lesson in Taunting

“I have references that I’m mean” was the joke he had made earlier.

Well, not much of a joke. He could be mean when he was looking to be mean – and someone was looking for him to be mean.

Lucky grrrl.

Later as we played, things got nice and relaxed as it was winding down. I made a joke – “And I thought you were mean. Where is this ‘mean’ you have references for?”

I found myself across his lap. Slaps landed on my ass, a warm up for the real spanks. A quick warm up – then the real ones landed on my ass – hard – in the same spot. The pain gave way to a warmth that spread out from it. I couldn’t help but wiggle a bit as I enjoyed the warmth. The wiggling simply resulted in more swats.

Eventually, he reached up and grabbed my back – a handful of flesh to keep me from moving too much under him. The sensation of him gripping me as he spanked me elevated things to a new level for me.

Then he stopped spanking my ass and slid his fingers inside my pussy immediately finding my g-spot. The hard strokes took my arousal to a whole new level – as well as my vocal feedback.

My clit is usually the only way I can cum. But for some reason, the mean-one can give me a g-spot orgasm over and over and over again. As someone who has rarely had that experience, to have it over and over again – the sensation of him taking it from me –  made my body hum as the new sensation took me to higher levels.

Then his fingers were gone – and the smacks were back – on my ass, on my thighs, and on my pussy. The dichotomy of sensations made me gush with arousal.

He flipped me over. On my back, his hands found my tits – and his teeth found my nipples.

“I thought you were mean,”  I think I said again.

His hands were on my breasts – grabbing and squeezing them hard. But the endorphins were already in my system. What would have hurt most, simply gave me pleasure.

His teeth found that tendon in my neck – that place – that place if found can be bitten hard and it simply causes me to moan as I can feel my pussy get wetter and wetter until it trickles down my leg. Over and over again he bit it and gnawed at it.

Then his hand replaced his teeth as he wrapped it around my neck – holding me down onto the bed. His teeth left my nipples and found my stomach – under my tits, close to my pussy. They seemed to be everywhere – those sharp teeth that found my tender flesh.

And with each bite, I couldn’t help but arch my back and moan loudly as he kept pushing things further.

His teeth kept going further – to my thighs, to my pussy, to my clit. Hard bites.

And in this way, things continued until they wound back down again. We laid back on the pillows and wound our bodies together as I came down from my high.

Taunting as I have discovered leads to great punishment – great things that feel, well, great.

And for the days following, I discovered bite marks – faint bruises on my flesh.

I discovered clear finger marks left on my back – and on my collar bone.

I discovered aches from where my muscles were used against me – and his hands grabbed me.

Yeah, that’s what I get for taunting.

I think I’ll have to get me some more taunting again soon…..

……I hope.

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  1. omg hot. Something im trying to explore. Love the vivid view of the action and what was in your mind. Thank you for sharing. C-Man

  2. Loved the story. Very hot

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