You Know It Was Good When….

You know a weekend has been good when the following happens:

You are getting dressed the next day and putting on the necklace you like to wear when you are wearing a particular shirt. The pendant hits about collar bone level. And when it shifts, you realize you should look in the mirror to make sure that bruise you feel on your collar bone isn’t visible. The bruise you got when he put his hand around your neck, then started to bite and tug your nipple hard with his teeth.

You brush your hair while getting ready for work, when you hit a sore spot. A spot, you quickly remember, is where you grabbed your hair close and pulled your head back to kiss you hard.

You put your hands on your keyboard at work and start typing when you feel something odd. A quick flip of your hand reveals why it isn’t feeling right today. There is a thumb-sized bruise on the inside of your wrist – right where it rests on the keyboard. A bruise that is from the wrestling match ended in him grabbing your wrists and pinning them down.

Later, while walking by the conference room table, your leg bumps a chair. “Ok, I felt that more than I should have” is your realization. Later, when you can, you discover it is because of the bruise on the outside of your thigh – the bruise from the bite – made when he was biting his way up your leg from your foot to your hip.

As you rest your arm on the chair’s arm rests in a meeting, you find the other bruise on the other wrist – this one is definitely not from the wrestling match itself. It’s from the rope he had tied around your wrists to keep you in place.

Back at your desk, you realize how cold it is when your nipples get erect and start rubbing on the inside of your bra. Reminding you of all of the biting, sucking, squeezing, pinching, and abuse, in general, he put them through. Then you squirm a bit in your chair remembering how good it all felt as he did it.

Later, you come home – and are greeted by a child who gives you a big hug. You feel a bruise on your back. And as you walk away to change out of work clothes, your mind starts shuffling through the events of the weekend trying to sort out how that would have happend.

And when you hit upon the why, you can’t help but smile.

The stress of the day melts away.

And the memories of a wonderful weekend replace them.

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  1. Osbasso says:

    You get mugged or something?? 😛

  2. I don’t disagree. But there doesn’t seem to be a lot distinguishing a good weekend of rough sex, and a regular weekend of being 75?

    Oh man, I can’t WAIT for the nursing home!

  3. Maggie says:

    I love those moments.

  4. Hubman says:

    Sounds like Veronica, after our weekend with SwingerWife and her husband- she was sore for days!

  5. Chapter Two says:

    I left you a gift for this week’s hnt

  6. Sounds like you have some lovely mementos from your weekend.

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