Summer – 2009

We had been chatting and talking and emailing off and on for a couple of weeks before we met.  The chemistry between the three of us seemed to be there, and we were finally going to see if it would hold in person.

It was one of the rare warm summer weeks in Portland. 100 degrees for several days.  G had been joking with her that maybe he would get me in a sun dress since it was warm.  I decided it was a good choice given the weather – and the situation – meeting a potential playmate.

We arrived at the pub we had suggested. She was sitting outside at a table in the shade having arrived before us.  As we walked up, I could sense her excitement and nervousness.  Comes with the territory really – would the chemistry hold in person? Are we the people the other expected?  The excitement and the trepidation – the hope it works and doesn’t result in disappointment.

I slide onto the bench beside her while G sat across from us.  We ordered our drinks and started talking. The stories and the conversation just flowed. The chemistry was there.  She joked he had won and got me in a sun dress.  I told her I had worn it for her, not him.  She had asked nicely.  The flirting was good, but I could tell she was still nervous – still wondering if this was going to happen.

She wondered until, after telling a story, I put my hand on her leg instead of back on the table – and started stroking it as I continued to talk.

Her eyes lit up – her smile – that killer smile she has – seemed to light up her face more than it had before.  And that nervousness that was underlying seemed to fade away.

While we normally have a “no play on the first date” rule, we decided to take advantage of our overnight babysitter. We got a room – figuring if things worked out we would be prepared. If not, G and I would get to sleep in air conditioning.

We invited her to join us.  And we met at the hotel. Once in the dark room, we all started to kiss and grope. And that sun dress was off faster than even I had imagined.  The desire on her face as we started to play – just she and I – still sits in my memory.  The fun of all of us – playing together – hands on each other – a pile of bodies – the ebb and flow as we made each other the center of attention.  Our time together was longer than any of us had imagined. Exhausted from play, I fell asleep as the others curled up next to me.  Then G and she started to play – and things begin all over again.

It was the start of fun.  Fun that ended months later – misunderstands and all forcing the end.

And even though she and I had gotten together a few months ago, we needed to talk some more.

So we met at the same pub. The same one we met at all those months ago.  We talked. We enjoyed each other’s company.

When she had suggested the location earlier in the day on Twitter, she used the word “rekindle”.  I liked that word. Rekindle.

It’s funny how time has changed some things but not others.

There is definitely chemistry between us still.
Can’t wait to continue to rekindle things.

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  1. Hubman says:


    That’s all 🙂

  2. Have fun rekindling 🙂

  3. John and Ann says:

    Hopefully the flames leap quickly from those embers!

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