POD – Poe’s Nuts

The other night, DJ saw this squirrel at the store – and, in her best, Veruca Salt impression said “Squirrel!”  Then begged we get it for the tree.

At the checkout, the woman was talking her her.  DJ starts babbling about how the squirrel with its nut would go next to the pickle on the tree. Then she explained how we play “hide the pickle” in the Christmas tree.  I simply shook my head as I laughed to myself at her choice of her words.

“Look, Moe! The squirrel is holding a nut – Poe’s nut! He’s got Poe’s nuts. He’s got Poe’s nuts! Look his arms move up and down”

Then she stopped…and said “That doesn’t sound right.”

At this point, I’m laughing at her.  As we start walking out to the car, I asked her why it sounded wrong.  What can I say, isn’t it part of my job as parent to embarrass where I can?

She laughed and said “the nuts part. I probably shouldn’t have called them Poe’s nuts.”

“You kept saying over and over again ‘Poe’s nuts, Poe’s nuts, the squirrel has Poe’s nuts’. That squirrel has Poe’s nut!”

At this point, DJ is laughing hysterically about it.

“I think that I’m naming the squirrel Nuts” was her response when she finally calmed down.

Then she went home and presented the squirrel to G and giggled when she told him the name as I stood behind her and promised to tell him later.

“DJ, we need to talk about why announcing we play ‘hide the pickle’ doesn’t sound good either.”

She simply laughed, said it sounded wrong as she said it, then said “MOE!!” after I told her what it meant.

DJ has been exhibiting a knack for picking up innuendos.
This could be an interesting time as she becomes a teenager.

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  1. DCHY says:

    You sure are looking forward to her teenage years. LOL

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