POD – Kool-Aid

cherry kool-aid and wool yarn
a bad picture (bad light) of all of the colors. two skeins I used commercial dye – the rest kool-aid.
After seeing how easy the kool-aid dyed the yarn, I am trying hard not to think about how much of that stuff we drank as kids. 
Here are the instructions in case you have the urge to dye yarn, rope, whatever.  The end result is something that looks good – and smells fruity.

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  1. Just me... says:

    The yarn looks good enough to drink! 😉
    Between Kool-aid and Pixie Stix, it’s a wonder we aren’t all brain-damaged from all the sugar we consumed!!

  2. Those are such pretty colors! Does the color stay pretty well in it?

  3. That also makes me cringe thinking about what it could have done to carpets/couches and why our mothers ever let us drink it anywhere but outside, naked!! LOL

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