HNT – Reminders

click the pic, please.

A reminder is what you left behind. Of a good night – a night filled what what I needed, what I craved;  you.

A hard spanking.  A good hard, deep fuck. Biting, licking, sucking. Bound hands. Orgasm filled bliss that made me almost collapse under its weight.  The tender kisses and caresses after. And the reminder – the reminder of that night. A reminder that is still there as the red turns to purple, then fades away. Good thing good memories never fade so easily.

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  1. Chapter Two says:

    Ummmmm wow wow wow! That is a good memory and reminder.
    Beautifully done photograph

  2. Jobthingy says:

    I have to give this some WOW also. Gorgeous.

  3. Cheeky Minx says:

    This is such an intensely erotic image. Delicious traces on a beautiful form laid out on a bed of white… *sigh*

  4. what a rear…nicely spanked.

  5. Jas says:

    I’m with minx, an erotic image it is..

  6. Maggie says:

    Reminders are really sexy and that photo is beautiful.

  7. I just love the image this brings to my mind. Great job.

  8. bikinfool says:

    Ow, ow, wow. Can almost feel the burn in that click through. What an amazingly intense time that must have been!

  9. Makes me want to lovingly caress your ass…and then… You’ll have to guess what happens next. 😉 HHNT!

  10. IveyLane says:

    You have a lovely form, lady. And a nice eye for composition. Thanks for another peek.

  11. Wow – I absolutely adore this. Just fantastic. Also a little ouch.. but I’m very intrigued.

    LGS xx

  12. Lusting Lola says:

    That IS quite a reminder.


  13. Vixen says:

    Mmmm…… *delicious*


  14. Case says:

    The pic induces an entire story, and such a delectable story it probably is that lay behind the image.

  15. Gucci Mama says:

    I love those kind of reminders…

    Beautiful pictures!


  16. Hubman says:

    Ouch! But nice ass 🙂


  17. Beautiful.

    Glad you have something to remind you of a fun night.

  18. Glad you have a reminder of your very hot encounter. I also hope someone tenderly rubbed some lotion on those marks.

  19. Elle says:

    Soft, feminine form with marks of something not so soft… Sounds like it was a great time 🙂

  20. suburbanslut says:

    *sigh* so eloquent. Yes, I love those reminders. And hate when we are apart for extended periods and I don’t have these precious reminders.


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