Forgotten Rope

The ropes landed next to me on the bed.

“I forgot to get these out last time. We got caught up in other things. I won’t let that happen again.”

Then he tossed the cord and his pocket knife on the bed too.

“Oh, you brought that too, did you?” I said referring to the cord.

He laughed and asked if I really thought he would leave it behind, then reminded me how much of it he has to use up.  He found the cord from some left over work he had done.

He made sure it was all within arms reach, then told me to scoot back so he could settle between my thighs and slide into my pussy.  I had been wanting him there since he had gotten me off earlier – his tongue gently stroking my clit to an orgasm that surprised me.  The fact he held my hips down as he did it is what sent me over the edge – realizing he was going to keep me there until I did cum.

And after I cum, he knew I wanted to be fucked. Instead, he pulled away to get his rope. Feeling him finally giving me what I wanted – or at least tease me with it was driving me crazy.

Once buried deep inside me, he grabbed a coil of rope and unwound it – finding the middle then sliding it under my back.

“I wasn’t going to leave them unbound,” he said as he set to work – wrapping one then the other with that soft rope, pulling it tight so that my breasts stood out – in perfect reach for his mouth.  To test their sensitivity, he pulled one nipple into his mouth causing me to inhale sharply.  He looked up at me with a smile in his eyes. Then did the same to the other.


“Just a bit.”

“I know what will fix that” then he reached the cord.  He created a quick slip knot, sucked a nipple into his mouth making it nice and erect, then slid the knot over it – tightening it carefully.  Once secure, he gave a quick tug.  Seeing the reaction he wanted, he reached for his knife to cut the end.

“Don’t cut yourself this time.” I couldn’t resist the smart ass comment given he cut himself last time and bled all over the place – creating an unexpected pause in our play as we cleaned up the mess and got him bandaged.

A quick tug of the cord reminded me quickly to never taunt a man holding the other end of the cord tied to my nipple.  My response was part moan – part laugh as I said “that’s what I get for being a smart ass”.  He laughed at me, then set forth to do the same to the other nipple.

And with a cord in each hand, he started fucking me hard – just like I had been wanting. The bound nipples were not what I had expected, but I didn’t care. I was getting the fuck I had been craving. And he was getting to torture my nipples – in a way that turns him on to the point where he will cum instantly if he lost control.  

I knew how much control I had over the situation. Just like I know if I put his hand on my neck, I knew taking the cords from him and pull them as he would like them pulled will make him cum fast.  When I was ready for it, I did just that. I took them from his hands – pull them taut the way he had.

“Ready are you?”
“Then pull them as hard as you can take – then pull them harder.”

I followed his instruction.  As I pulled harder, his breathing increased. His thrusts were faster and harder, and we were both moaning aloud until he came.

Before he collapsed on top of me, he freed me from his rope.  Carefully uncoiling them, kissing the rope marks on my breasts as he did.  Then once free, we curled up, satiated, exhausted, and feeling we got the most of his rope.

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  1. I thought this was gonna be ‘the rope joke’. And was intrigued about how you’d interpret it in the written medium.

    I think this is better though.

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